What is Programmatic DOOH

Digital out of home advertising has made its way into the world of programmatic ads. The technology allows DOOH networks to sell remnant inventory and bid in real time. By using these tools, DOOH networks can integrate programmatic DOOH into their campaign planning process, and can even tie it to online and mobile experiences. Here are some examples of programmatic DOOH campaigns. Read on to learn more about how to use these tools to your advantage.

Using data to target your ads, digital OOH can be used to determine the most relevant audience. Traditional OOH plays digital ads in empty intersections, while programmatic OOH only shows ads when they’re most likely to be seen. Programmatic OOH also doesn’t require you to start over from scratch with creative strategies or existing campaigns. However, a recent article in Digiday focuses on this new method of advertising and highlights a few downsides.

Programmatic DOOH campaigns should be strategically placed and have a defined goal. An interesting campaign can lead viewers to do a digital search and visit a store. As with any other advertising campaign, you need a clear goal to keep your focus. Establish a set of main objectives, and track your results to make sure your campaign is successful. Establishing KPIs (key performance indicators) is a great way to keep your campaign on track.

Another benefit of programmatic DOOH is that it offers greater flexibility and campaign optimization than manual DOOH. Because programmatic DOOH works by triggering the buying of advertising space based on specific conditions, advertisers can target audiences based on their proximity to digital screens, audience movement patterns, and even mobile location data. These features make it possible to create highly targeted campaigns that reach the right audiences at the right times. There’s no limit to the amount of data that can be tracked and analyzed through dooh programmatic.

Programmatic DOOH allows advertisers to develop creative ad campaigns that will reach consumers at the right time and place. Programmatic DOOH is also a great way to capitalize on changes in events, such as last minute game cancellations, big changes, or major changes. In the case of the Super Bowl, advertisers knew months in advance that the game would be in California. However, it was only two weeks before the game that they realized that local LA Rams would be playing that day.

As a powerful advertising tool, DOOH is constantly evolving and getting more sophisticated. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of programmatic buy are discussed below. Get in touch with Oongalee for programmatic digital ooh. Open real-time bidding: The best bidder automatically receives the slot, and the buyer receives the ad delivery report. Then, they are able to bid on that specific ad. It’s a fast and easy way to get the most out of the DOOH advertising platform.

Programmatic DOOH also allows advertisers to launch ads in real time, scale their spending at will, and swap out creatives on the fly. Programmatic DOOH offers the benefit of massive national scale without the potential for bot fraud or other negative effects. Because programmatic DOOH is based on audience movement patterns, it offers maximum efficiency and maximum flexibility. And, if you’re interested in participating in omni-channel campaigns or the customer engagement journey, programmatic DOOH can be the right tool for you.

Programmatic DOOH has the potential to transform the traditional OOH advertising model. It can be a powerful compliment to other media and traditional OOH billboards. Its low cost makes it a viable option for brands looking to expand their reach beyond the home. It is a growing part of the digital display advertising market, which has grown by almost four times since 2010 to 2013.

The new DOOH programmatic approach allows digital media buyers to identify their target audiences and optimize for the ad environments that best suit their audience. Ads are automatically displayed when conditions are met. This technique has revolutionized digital advertising on mobile and desktop, and now it’s beginning to impact OOH. It’s not just about data; it also enables media owners to make the most of their ad inventory. There are more ways to leverage data and programmatic DOOH can help you achieve your goals.