What is Namso Gen?

Namsogen is a Credit card generator (random). It generates cards according to the users BIN. Namso-gen is a data testing tool that can be used in many fields, including Ecommerce and Payment Gateway sites. It uses the LUNH algorithm, which is a simple checksum formula that validates a number of identification numbers such as credit card numbers and IMEI numbers. You will receive some randomly generated Credit Cards that can only be used for testing or experimental purposes. Because of the randomness of these cards, illegal use is almost impossible. Namso-gen is a firm opponent of illegal activities and respects all laws. Our Namso-gen Blog teaches people about online security and credit card safety.

Is Namso Gen legal?

This is not illegal because it was made for testing purposes only. This is our only goal: to make the hard work of others a little easier and to help humanity in some small way. The credit cards created by Namso generation are completely risk-free. Because they don’t have balance, these random credit card numbers are not valid for purchase. This is legal for testing purposes only. We encourage everyones to use their real cards whenever possible. For more information on Namso gen, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions.

What’s a CC generator?

CC generator means Credit card generators like Namso-gen. It is used by data testers and credit cards companies to test multiple payment errors (Testing), and create unique numeric Credit card (by Companies). This CC generator is purely legal and is used for site testing. If you have any questions regarding Online Security or Credit Card Security, then we recommend our Namsogen Security Tips.

What’s a BIN?

BIN stands for Bank Identification Number, or Issuer identification number. It is the first six digits on debit and credit cards. A valid BIN can be used to identify the bank or brand of the card. This information is extremely useful for preventing fraud in online shops and purchases. This type of information can be found in the namso Knowledge base section.

Is Namso a gen substitute?

Namso gen is the only alternative. While we know there are many Random credit card number generators, it is not recommended to compare them with Namso gen. Namso Gen has a simple user interface and proper linking to related resources. Namso Gen is easy to use and safe. Namso Gen does not request personal information, even for one email. Just add a six-digit BIN to get multiple random credit cards in one click. This makes namsogen the best credit card generator and cannot be replaced by any other.

Credit card generators work?

Yes. You can use them in a professional manner. NamsoGen was made only for experimental purposes. It may not function properly if you use it in an unethical manner. We are also not responsible for any damage to your business. NamsoGen, a powerful generator that generates hundreds of Imaginary Cards in a single click, uses advanced algorithmic hypothesizing.

How do you use namso? ccgen?

First, Namso Gen and namso cc generator  are the same thing. This is a credit card generator that can be used to generate credit cards. To generate credit cards, one must first enter the 6 Digit BIN number. Then click the Generate Cards button. You can find the appropriate BINs on various websites, forums, trick sharing websites, etc.