What is Marketing One Pager?

No one can neglect the value of marketing in any type of business. From smaller industries to big brands, every business needs marketing to grab the attention of its audience and convert them into customers. Marketing is something that enables you to tell the world what you are actually doing, selling, or offering. This will make it easy for you to grow your business all across the globe. Marketing is the first thing that describes your business to people. So it must be strong enough to set a good first impression of your company.

With the growing technology and digitization in the universe, everything has been modified. Traditional marketing methods are not able to move your business with the modern era’s requirements. You need to move toward digital marketing to remain in competition with opponents and defeat them. For the most appropriate marketing of your business according to the modern era, you cannot find something better than a marketing one-pager. Wait, what? You don’t know about marketing one-pager. Don’t worry we will tell you everything about it along with some one pager examples.

Following is everything that you must know about a marketing one pager.

What is Marketing One Pager

A marketing one pager is a single page on your company’s website that describes everything about your company. This one pager has all the information that can explain your company. It has information regarding the services you offer or products you are selling. Marketing one pager could be for any of your services or products describing everything about it.

Or, it can be a one pager of your whole company and give an overview of your business to grab people towards it. It is one of the most powerful tools to increase the sales of your business. The revolution it brings to your selling process is unmatchable.

Benefits of Marketing One Pager

Following are some of the top-notch benefits of marketing one pager.

•           The maintenance cost of the one pager is very low. Furthermore, you have to pay it only once for a product or service. Later you can make amendments to it very easily.

•           It is very easy for visitors to understand a marketing one pager. The interface is straightforward and mobile supporting. So, everyone who visits your company’s website or sees the one pager at any other place could easily understand it.

•           You don’t have to hunt for some top-class content to create one pager. It will best fit for your business when you don’t have some content. You have to simply hit some pain points of your customers and persuade them to buy a specific product.

•           It allows a top-class conversion rate. It makes it easy for the visitors to familiarize themselves with the product or service and they buy it.

Elements of a One Pager

Following are some of the integral elements of a marketing one pager.

•           At the top, you must have your company’s name and logo. This is integral as you want to tell people who are contacting them via this one pager. This will help people to know about your company.

•           The second compulsory element of your marketing one pager is the pain point of customers. You need to hit the pain point of your audience. This will make them read the whole one pager.

•           After discussing the pain point and highlighting the problems of your audience, the next step is to provide solutions. Hitting the problem at the start will make people read your one pager, while solutions will make people buy your products.

•           Make sure to enter the features of a specific product or service as it is also a compulsory element of a marketing one pager.

Example of Marketing One Pager

The perfect example of a marketing one pager is a business card of your company. This business card will allow you to present several offers to your potential customers. It also outlines the distinguished features of your company or product. It also has promotions, discounts, and campaigns that are associated with your business.


Now you know everything about marketing one pager. Use HubSpot for sales as it contains free templates to create one pager for your company. Content Camel can also be used in its place as it is a strong HubSpot competitor and is more affordable than it.