What is home health care?

No one person in the world is insured against a serious illness, injury, or surgical intervention. After such changes in the body, a person needs a long rehabilitation, and he cannot do it without the help of professionals.

With age, many, even healthy people, gradually lose the ability to move normally, navigate in space, experience memory lapses, and other pathologies develop that do not allow them to provide for themselves and take care of themselves on their own.

Our All American Home Care Agency provides home care for each such patient, regardless of the severity of their disease, the number of chronic pathologies, and the age of the person.

Responsibilities of staff in providing home health care 

When providing care to a patient at home during his rehabilitation or palliative care, the following responsibilities are imposed on doctors and nurses:

1.  Providing home care for the patient:

·         Dressing up a person.

·         Change of bed linen.

·         Assistance in the implementation of sanitary and hygienic procedures.

·         Washing a handicapped person.

·         Transferring a patient from hospital beds for elderly to a wheelchair.

·         Transportation of a senior or an incapacitated person to the street, around the house.

·         Fulfillment of simple household chores.

·         Feeding the patient in accordance with the chosen diet, including intravenous feeding if he cannot feed himself.

2.  Medical care of the patient:

·         Providing medical treatment.

·         Performing massage and physiotherapy procedures, if indicated.

·         Treatment of sutures, wounds, including after an injury or in the process of recovery after a major operation.

·         Diagnostics of the state of health, sampling, consultations with the attending physician.

·         Providing resuscitation, urgent call for emergency medical care.

3.  One of the most important aspects of the nurse’s work is providing psychological assistance to a hopeless patient, getting him out of depression, and providing comfort in the last months of life.

The specialists of our company undergo a detailed briefing before each visit to the ward, perform all the points of the technological map, in strict accordance with the instructions of the attending physician.

Benefits of home health care over hospice or hospital care

A few decades ago, many relatives preferred to send their grandparents or parents to nursing homes. Patient care in such inpatient facilities was considered to be of higher quality. Today, times have completely changed, with the development of modern means of communication and new technologies. In this regard, experts and the relatives of incapacitated people themselves highlight the many advantages of senior care Brooklyn services for them:

·         Availability of official founding documents and certificates.

·         Each nurse has diplomas and recommendations.

·         The center employs highly qualified general practitioners (GPs).

·         Our company includes surgeons, therapists, ophthalmologists, speech therapists, and other specialists whose help is needed when caring for an elderly or terminally ill person.

·         We have a 24/7 customer support telephone service, and our nursing staff works in shifts, which is especially important when a patient needs constant supervision.

·         We have at our disposal only the best modern diagnostic equipment, which, if necessary, is transported to the patient’s home for qualified palliative care.

·         We work with many insurance companies, which allows us to offer patients the best financial conditions.

Highly qualified specialists of our company know exactly what the wards need, regardless of age and state of health, which allows us to provide the highest quality care and create the most comfortable conditions for their stay in the hospice.

How much do home health care services cost and who pays for them?

As a rule, home health care services aren’t cheap, but they are significantly lower than the same service in a hospital setting. The price of a nurse, doctor, or home hospice service depends on the following criteria:

·         The general condition of the patient. As a rule, before starting home care with the involvement of nurses, the senior’s medical history is studied, or the person is sent for a comprehensive examination of the body. This helps to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the most effective treatment, regardless of age and health status.

·         Diagnosis, the presence of chronic and acute diseases, infections. As you know, all chronic diseases significantly weaken the human immune system. In this regard, a thorough study of the state of health will help ensure proper vitamin nutrition and prolong its life.

·         Recent trauma or major surgery requiring wound care, dressings, and other rehabilitative measures. In addition to simple dressing and wound care, the patient may also need a course of antibiotics to rule out infection or shock in the body.

·         The patient has end-stage cancer.

·         The mass of the patient, on which the need to attract orderlies or volunteers to transfer him to the wheelchair depends.

·         The ability of the patient to walk, serve himself independently.

·         Difficulty in medical treatment.

·         The need to feed the patient through a catheter.

·         The age of the patient, the presence of irreversible changes in the brain, the mental state of the person.

The need to involve psychologists, speech therapists, and other narrow-profile physicians to ensure an improvement in the overall clinical picture. In our company, each customer can be sure of an individual approach, conducting a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s body and calculating an estimate to provide only the most effective treatment and home care.

Most often, such services are paid for by the patients themselves or their relatives, since insurance companies don’t cover more palliative care.

The exceptions are policies with a valid franchise, the presence of hero status, award distinctions, and a war veteran.

In addition, sometimes various charitable foundations participate in paying for such services.

Regardless of the costs, such a service is necessary for every senior or terminally ill person, since relatives cannot normally observe his suffering and get a lot of stress, which also affects their own health.

How to choose the right home health care agency?

Choosing the right home care agency for the sick or seniors to provide the necessary assistance and ensure the comfort of life is not an easy task. When looking for such an organization, each potential customer should check the following facts and take into account many nuances:

·         Availability of documents required by law.

·         The year the company was founded, the presence of an official website with contact numbers and a feedback form.

·         The presence of an office or outpatient clinic on the balance sheet of the organization.

·         A quantity of staff, qualifications of each specialist.

·         Availability of special medical equipment, medicines.

·         Cooperation with well-known insurers.

·         The possibility of providing round-the-clock home care, including resuscitation services for exacerbations.

·         Availability of palliative care services for the patient, provision of hospice at home.

·         One of the most important criteria is the presence of recommendations and positive feedback on independent forums about the company or its individual employees.

·         Availability of own psychologists. neuropathologists and other specialized specialists who can calm the patient, get him out of depression and return the desire to live a full life.

Our All American Home Care Company meets all of the above requirements. We provide the highest quality service for reasonable money, we are distinguished by a flexible approach to our customers and we do our work with love.

Why need to choose All American Health care?

Each customer who applied to our All American Home Care Center receives a full range of care services for their loved one or loved one. All customers note our advantages, because of which we stand out from our competitors:

·         Our services are cheaper than the stay of a patient in a hospital.

·         We guarantee only the highest quality patient care.

·         All nurses have experience with palliative patients, do not experience stress, and do their work in strict accordance with the regulations.

·         You can call us at any time of the day, as our operators and an asset of qualified resuscitators work 24/7.

·         We cooperate with many scientific centers and state hospitals. 

·         If necessary, the patient will be moved for urgent surgery or intensive care, in case of deterioration in his health.

·         We work both with rehabilitating patients who are on the mend and with terminally ill patients who, according to the doctor’s forecasts, have no more than 6 months to live.

·         Our prices are lower than many of our competitors.

To contact us, just go to the official website using the link above, call us at the contact phone number, or leave a written request in the feedback window. We will call you back within a day to agree on the details of the application and a convenient time to visit the patient.

Our service starts immediately after signing the contract and paying the advance payment. Preparatory work takes no more than 1 day, and you can quickly assess the quality of the services we provide.