What is Digital Marketing and What are the Different Ways it Can be Used?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is simply marketing that occurs online, rather than the traditional ways marketing has been used. It’s no secret that the internet has taken over the world by storm, and more people are using it today than they ever have before since the creation of the world wide web. So many things have gone digital/online (e.g., shopping online), and marketing hasn’t been left out. In fact, traditional forms of marketing are not nearly as effective as digital marketing. There are different types of digital marketing, and there are several ways they can be used.

Bloggers and Digital Marketing

Many bloggers have been able to earn a great deal of money with their blogs, all without having to create a product to sell.

Pay Per Click

Ever wondered how bloggers make their money? Well, digital marketing has a lot to do with it, and one of the main ways that bloggers earn money is through ads. Companies run ads on blogs, and if a reader of the blog clicks on the ad, the company makes money per click and the blog owner receives a small portion of that money. This is called pay per click (or PPC), but there is another type very similar to this called pay per impression. With pay per impression, the reader of the blog doesn’t have to actually click on the ad; they just have to view it instead (usually in the form of a video).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when a blogger partners with a company to promote that company’s products. Usually, the product relates to the content of the blog, making it easier for the blogger to be able to promote the product to his or her readers. When the readers click the affiliate link (a special URL to the company’s website that is also connected to the blogger) and make a purchase, the company makes money and the blogger also receives a portion of the purchase.

Companies and Digital Marketing

Both large and small companies use many different forms of digital marketing, and both have also seen success from it.

Marketing Towards Potential Customers

Companies use digital marketing more than anyone, and they benefit from PPC and affiliate marketing just as much as bloggers. Companies also use several other forms of digital marketing, such as content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and inbound marketing. Search engine optimization (or SEO) is probably the most used type of digital marketing strategy used by companies. SEO is a technique that allows a company’s website to appear at a higher rank when certain keywords are entered into search engines. This increases the amount of organic (non-paid) traffic to these websites, thus increasing the chances of gaining new customers and maintaining current ones.

Marketing Towards Potential Employees

Not only do companies use digital marketing strategies to attract new customers to buy their products or services, but they also use many of these same strategies to attract new employees to come and work for them. Digital marketing for hiring is referred to as recruitment marketing. This strategy differs from job search sites because it is specifically targeting potential candidates who are the most likely to be a good match for a company, by marketing that company’s brand to job seekers. This form of hiring candidates is much more targeted than posting open job positions on job search sites.


Digital marketing is the most utilized form of marketing because it’s the most effective. While traditional forms of marketing are still used, they don’t come close to producing the same results like digital marketing. In fact, companies that still use traditional forms of marketing probably also use them in conjunction with digital marketing strategies. And digital marketing isn’t just for companies— bloggers and other content creators are also able to benefit and earn money from forms of digital marketing.