What Is Diamond Painting And How To Paint with Diamonds

Diamond painting is the name given to a mosaic art form in which an artist creates a painting by gluing small pieces of resin like diamonds to a canvas, which is usually stamped with numbers corresponding to the colors of all diamonds to aid in the painting. Diamond painting is generally easier to get started with, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on diamond painting, this guide will introduce you what diamond painting is and the skills of diamond painting. If necessary, you also need Cheap Diamond Art Kits to help you with diamond painting painted.

What is Diamond Painting

Diamond painting combines cross stitch and digital painting, similar to “5D Diamond Art” or “Diamond Embroidery”, where small diamond-like resin bits are placed on a printed canvas to create a shiny mosaic art piece. This is a craft project, similar to digital pixel art or glass mosaic, that utilizes small resin diamonds to create drawings. To create a diamond painting, an artist can use the pattern provided by the scribble pen to attach the diamond to the sticky canvas. Because this is a very innovative and creative activity, it can provide a lot of fun for craftsmen of all ages.

Tips for Painting Diamonds

As diamond painting techniques have advanced, there are now many different diamond painting techniques and strategies.

Imagined as a chessboard technique

You can think of a diamond painting as alternating black and white squares on a traditional checkerboard, with some blending on areas with lots of the same color. When you fill in the blanks step by step, you will have a sense of accomplishment from the inside out.

According to the “line by line” method

If the canvas has a large section of the same color, you can turn your pen upside down and start using the Multi-Placer tool. It is recommended that you use a wider head, so that you can apply 3-5 diamonds at a time, and then do the same for the subsequent steps, this operation will ensure that you can easily arrange the diamonds without any effort.

Color by color on canvas

This one is very simple, just need you to color by color on the canvas. The downside is that there may be areas of the canvas that can lose their tack when exposed to the surface for a long time.

“Farm Map” Thinking

Artists can also be triggered by farmers’ thoughts, dividing large blocks of the same color into small blocks, and each time a small block is completed, it is a harvest. This method will make you feel rewarding in the painting process, and it is also very efficient.

Tips To Pay Attention To When Painting

  1. Before opening the kit to paint, look carefully at the entire diagram and legend, you need to look at the packaging that contains the diamonds, this will help you when using that color, the corresponding legend symbols represent different drills, allowing you to quickly identify the one you want to use when painting color.
  2. It is recommended that your canvas should be covered with a protective plastic film, peel it off slowly when you start painting, this will ensure that the glue that holds the diamond pieces to the chart does not dry out.
  3. Also each kit should have a small tray to hold the diamonds while painting. Put one color in one tray. If you want to use multiple colors at the same time, you can put the colors separately in different trays.
  4. Wrap the tip of the applicator and wax in plastic when not in use to keep them from drying out.

The above is an introduction to diamond painting, as well as some tips and precautions for diamond painting. Diamond painting is an elegant way to pass the time. If you just want to have a beautiful diamond painting directly, you can go to topdiamondart.com , here is the great Diamond Painting Kits for Sale.