What is Crepe fabric best for?

Crepe is generally known as Crêpe. It is naturally made from silk and is an expensive fabric; however, now it can make it from any fibre. There are various kinds of crepes available, varying from thin, light in weight, thick, and heavy in weight. Some crepe fabrics have an amazing array and are more famous for suiting, home decor, etc.

Crepe is suitable for all the occasions and seasons; mainly, our garments are made up of Crepe or have been embroidered with Crepe previously. However, it is quite soft or slippery; therefore, it is difficult to sew this crepe fabric. 

What is Crepe.?

Crepe is a fabric created from silk, wool, cotton or synthetic fibres like elastane and polyester. Crepe word means small or thin pancake in the french. This fabric is generally light in weight, but also it can be of any weight. The Crepe makes clothes like dresses, suits, blouses, and many more. In addition, printed crepe fabric is used for the home decor for items like curtains, pillows, etc.

Formation of Crepe

Whether it is a natural fibre like cotton, silk, etc. or artificial fibre like polyester, rayon, etc., it can make from both types of fibres. There are numerous ways by which you can get this fabric crepe, and deliberately, this fabric has a creased presence. Materials that are put in use to make crepe fabric and the process used in it for the appearance describe the various types of Crepe.

Features of Crepe

Here are some of the features of Crepe that can be changed depending upon the fibre content put in use. Before doing the laundry of your crepe dress, always go through the care work.

  • Other fibres give sufficient ventilation when you wear them at high temperatures, while organic Crepe is more absorbent.
  • A crepe is a substantial option for the hotter climate.
  • It has low flame-retardant (when made with silk)
  • It is suitable for formal wear or evening gown wear.

When you touch this wrinkled Crepe, it is soft, and it feels like this fabric is best for an unending range of elegant mixture and designs. Crepe is porous. Therefore, it is that fabric that you can wear in any season. Floral print crepe fabric is hugely warped, and its crumpled surface gives the captivating effective finishing to every designer dress.

  • Dresses

You can make your own designed dress using floral crepe fabric by giving it cuts and flares. The astonishing fall of Crepe and the vigorous colour prints will give your dress an amazing look as per today’s modern designs. Moreover, you can make dresses like maxis, ruffles, skater dresses and many more by yourself.

  • Tops

If you love to wear florals, then create some floral print crepe fabric tops with your unique design. Wrap tops, halters, spaghetti and many more will give a rich feel when the colour matches the sparkling floral design.

  • Pants

These perfectly fit crepe pants go well with the tanks, halters, wrap tops, whatever you prefer. For the daylight event, these crepe pants with a top having floral prints is the best dress. 

  • Skirts

These fancy skirts have floral crepe fabric having curly flares give you an alluring and comfortable look. With these skirts on the upper portion, you can try out tank tops, crop tops to get a boho-chic appearance.

  • Scarves

Nowadays scarves are the cloth which can go best with anything whether it is pants, skirts, shorts or anything and for any function. Printed crepe silk fabric scarves are light in weight, plus they have amazing patterns on them. Its softness, lightweight, makes it wearable and breathable with every dress. 

Various kind of Crepe

There are an endless number of crepes available, which varies according to the preparation process and fibres put in use.

  • Crepe de Chine

Silk fabric is soft, gives a matte finish with a little rubbing; it is not like the wrinkled surface of other crepes. You can get this look by the crumpled yarns as a weft yarn in a plain weave design.

  • Crepe georgette

This georgette crepe fabric is also smooth, and gives an unwrinkled presence and is made from silk or synthetic silk-like fibres, like rayon. Crepe georgette is mainly used for making dresses.

  • Wool Crepe

This fabric is created from wool fabric or some time with the wool and synthetic fabric and has a hard surface. This fabric is generally used for suiting pants and is light in weight.

  • Polyester crepe

It is created by using synthetic fibre polyester. You can use polyester in making dresses like skirts, blouses, etc. Polyester crepe fabric is light in weight, and it sometimes absorbs elastane to make a stretch crepe.

  • Crepe back satin

This fabric’s one side is soft and smooth, while the other side is crumpled with a crepe.

  • Canton crepe

 Created this crepe fabric from silk from china. It looks the same as that of Crepe de chine in its presence but is slightly heavier than it.

Since Crepe is made from various fibres, you should follow the care instructions for your garment and a household item. In some cases, you should wash crepes with cold water because some of the floral print crepe fabric will shrink in the washing machine.

You can use floral crepe fabric for making:

  • Dresses
  • Suiting
  • Garments
  • Home decor like curtains, pillow etc