What is Chatbot Development and How It Works?

For best customer service and lead generation, chatbots are a must-have for SMEs. It is basically a program with the capability to interact with humans and machines. The chatbot development includes different activities; designing, developing, or supporting the programs for automating the time-consuming and repetitive tasks. However, many are not acquainted with these new concepts in the modern marketplace.  And prefers to take assistance from the skilled chatbot developer in Singapore to build an application with machine learning and artificial intelligence for effective human interaction. But, at the same time, it is even essential to know the basic process involved in the chatbot development and its working. We are here with that information!

Varied Steps Involved in the Chatbot Development

Know if the chatbot is required or not?

Examine and research if the chatbot is actually required for your business.  Get an idea by understanding below:

  • The customers are asking several questions on the similar topic
  • The team is completing several repetitive and routine tasks
  • Your customer base is multilingual
  • You require different tactics to cut cuts for customer services
  • You control several customer support channels
  • The customers are approaching outside the business hours and you are giving them 24X7 service
  • You like to assist sales with qualification and lead generation
  • You require to update the marketing strategies
  • Most importantly, you like to stay ahead of your rivals

If you give a nod to most of the above then, assuredly you require chatbot development anytime soon. 

Describing the chatbot goals

It is vital to understand the basis of chatbot implementation. First, have a glance at the below questions:

  • What problems will be solved by the chatbot?
  • What is the purpose of the chatbot?

For making the chatbot goals, include SMART goals. If you ask us, it has to be customer service queries automation by 30% related to the services or products or policies, etc. 

Selecting languages and channels

Here as well, answer the below questions to understand well:

  • What communication channels would you like to automate-Facebook, Whatsapp, website, or all?
  • What is the language you would like to automate?

Also, it is also required to get some more things into consideration:

  • Is it valuable to build the chatbot for several customers from particular channels who understand different languages?
  • What about the growth rate of the customers from this channel- is it decreasing or increasing?
  • Can you support this language later on?
  • Furthermore, you can even measure the channels in a similar method to the automation areas. Take help from:
  • Strategic priority,
  • Ease of automation,
  • Requests volume,
  • Process automation effect and so on.

Chatbot Integrations

Monitor the different integrations you would like to use. These might include:

  • CRM ( e.g., Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, and so on),
  • Payment systems (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, etc.),
  • Calendar (Google Calendar, etc.)
  • Cloud storage tools (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.),
  • Maps (Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc.)

And, additional business software that your web development company prefers. 

Selecting the reliable chatbot agency in Singapore

You have two options-either you can choose to hire a chatbot development company in Singapore or pick the best chatbot builder for prototype creation.  Any of these options can be picked according to the required chatbot, your business requirement, budget, etc.  In case when you have minimal time frame and budget constraints, go with the chatbot platform. But, in case, you cannot have any budget issues and consider chatbot development as a long-term investment, pick the chatbot development agency in Singapore. 

Below is the list of different chatbot builders:

  • Chatfuel,
  • Manychat,
  • Flow XO,
  • Tidio,
  • Drift,
  • Tars,
  • Mobile Monkey.
  • Intercom, and so on. 

Classification Models of Chatbots Working

Below are the methods considered in the chatbot working:

Pattern Matchers

For the text classification and making an appropriate customer response, pattern matching is used by bots. The basic structure involved in pattern in Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML). Below is an example of pattern matching:

After this, the below output is given by the machine:

Human: Who is Abraham Lincoln?

Robot: Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer; remained the 16th US president from 1861 to 1865.

The reason that chatbot understands this question and gives the right answer is that the associated pattern has the name. In the same way, chatbots revert to all links to the associated pattern. 

Algorithms for Reasonable Structure 

There has to be a distinctive pattern in the database for an appropriate response to all queries. There are several pattern combinations used to create a hierarchy. Algorithms lessen the classifiers and make a reasonable yet managed structure. It is termed as the “Reductionist” method that simplifies and provides answers to the issue. 

An ideal example is Multinational Naive Bayes for text classification and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Below are the steps included in NLP:

  • Tokenization

It categorizes the words into pieces or tokens that are representative linguistically with a separate application value. 

  • Sentiment Analysis 

It examines and understands the user’s experience; transmits the query to the human if required. 

  • Normalization

It undertakes the text to know the standard spelling mistakes and typographical errors that can change the user’s request meaning. 

  • Named Entity Recognition

It finds the various word categories, same as the product name, user’s name or address, or the other data required. 

  • Dependency Parsing

The chatbot finds the verbs, common phrases, subjects, nouns, and objects in the text to find the associated phrases user’s like to express.

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

The aim of ANN is to measure the output using the input with weighted connections calculated with the recited iterations while data training. Every step involved in the training data changes the weights resulting in the output with precision. 

Generally, every sentence is categorized in words considered as input for NN. The calculation of the weighted connections is with iterations by training data several times ensuring weight improvement. Usually, NN-trained data is a comparable algorithm with less or more code.  

Several variations are there in pattern matching code, algorithms, and neural networks. However, there could be changes in complexity, it might increase by means of variation. Considerably, there will not be any change in the fundamentals and the other essential work of classification. 

Concluding Remarks

Almost every organization has online visibility by means of social media channels or websites. It would be better if chatbots were used to interact with the audience seamlessly.  Because of NLP advancement, chatbots can interact in a similar way we do. Businesses can save time, cost, and resources with chatbots to complete more work in no time. The chatbot development services from a chatbot agency in Singapore are a great help to power up the level of chatbot to fulfill the business goals and needs.