What is bulk transport and is it a good business?

What comes to mind when you hear or read The term “bulk. When I hear it I know it means a large quantity, Is it liquid, dry material?  Is there a  certain amount to be considered bulk?  Unlike starting or buying amazon routes which require less work, bulk transport requires a little more managing, In this article, we will go over what is bulk transportation, The types of bulk items that get transported, and the type of different ways it gets hauled, We will also go over if it is a business that can be started from the bottom up or if it’s better to buy bulk transportation business for sale, but these types of route business can be tough to work on in bigger city’s, buying a route for sale in new york means you will have to make a decision on going for a bigger trucking company or staying small like buying an amazon route for sale, but what is bulk transportation business first…

Understanding Bulk Transportation

As the term suggests Bulk Transportation is moving bulk items from one place to another,  a certain logistics but not your average delivery company, Bulk transportation can be 2 types liquid or dry bulk transportation. Transporting large quantities of oil will be considered liquid bulk transport.

It is different from other types of transportation because when you are moving something in bulk you cannot pack it into small containers or packages, it is transported in huge container tanks with huge volumes. Bulk materials aren’t to be delivered to individual clients but to factories and businesses that use raw materials to make products.

 Liquid bulk transportation is different from other sorts of bulk transportation. It involves several steps, like thoroughly getting the freight truck checked by experts each time before loading the tanker, which might not be necessary for other sorts of bulk transportation. Similarly, special tankers and equipment are used which are not needed in any other transportation.

Now that you are starting to get a better idea of liquid bulk transportation let’s dig deeper. What types of business can one start transporting liquids and is it worth it? First, let’s go through some different types of liquid bulk.

       5 Types of common  dry bulk transportation 

  • Coal
  • Grain
  • Cement
  • Forest products
  • Fertilizers

In 2019, an immense shortage of truck drivers was reported. Better job opportunities in rapidly growing online stores attracted truck drivers and a large number of drivers retired from transportation companies to join these online stores. This shortage resulted in mismanaging bulk transportation companies and eventually huge losses.

So, if you contact any liquid bulk transportation company, whether it’s a petro delivery company or a waste oil removal agency, you are most likely to get a cheaper price. If you adopt the right strategy and business techniques, there is a lot of potential to make one of such mismanaged companies into a successful business.

  • A wide industry

 Take a look around you, and notice how many things were once in a liquid tanker. From the fuel you consume to drive to work to the home heating oil yoit u use, it all started from a bulk liquid tanker to be transported.

Let’s list a few industries that are dependent on bulk liquid transportation companies:

  • Paint industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Adhesives industry

And this isn’t even half the scope of this business, almost every single industry directly or indirectly is dependent on liquid bulk transportation. The range of bulk liquid transportation is vast. What’s even better is that it’s up to you whether you want to limit yourself to transportation of just one or two specific types of liquids or a wide variety of them.

  • Sustainability

We talked earlier about how advancements in technology have helped the bulk transportation business to be quicker and more efficient. There is one more department where it has improved a lot, sustainability.

The material used in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and flexitanks, makes them last longer. This not only makes them more economical but also environmentally friendly since fewer resources are used.

Along with increased sustainability, these newer tanks are much easier to wash and resin-free. Sometimes, for example, after petro delivery washing off all the liquid left in the tank is hard and laborious. These newer materials make it all so painless.

After going through all these factors one thing is certain, if you are looking to buy liquid bulk transportation companies for sale, there can’t be a.     better time. The advancements in technology and recent trends in the industry give everyone a great chance to invest in this industry.


Overall starting or buying a transportation business can become a great business, it is expandable, scalable, and sellable, find your niche and master it, finding the find side business ideas strategies is key when it comes to running multiple businesses, a trucking business can be operated while having to build other streams of income.