It could be argued that branding is the most crucial aspect of building your business. Once you have your financials secured and legal matters resolved, it’s time to define your brand. So, let’s explore what branding is and why it’s so important.

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An overview of branding

In general terms, branding is anything about your business that distinguishes it from other companies in your market. Good branding makes the company easily identifiable to customers. It’s specifically a marketing tool that includes your business’s name and logo and even customer service and reputation. If your branding is successful, it will help customers choose you when faced with another option. Are there stores you go to because you like their name, logo, customer service, or reputation? This is all a part of that company’s branding strategy. 

Branding shapes the way people see your company

Branding is first and foremost essential to your business because it shapes how your customers perceive your brand. Good branding promotes recognition. Customers like to frequent businesses that are familiar to them. Your logo is the face of your company on paper. It needs to be just as memorable and identifiable as your company’s name. Many business owners choose to hire outside designers to help them create a striking logo.

Branding promotes your company’s vision

Branding also lets your customers know what your company is all about. Are you a flower shop or a boutique? Your logo and the rest of your brand will signal to customers who you are and what you care about.

Branding distinguishes your company

Your branding also sets you apart from the competition. This is where considering customer service as a part of your brand is a good idea. Customers like to go where they feel valued. Often the difference between shopping at one store or their competitor’s is how their employees handle customer relations. When prices between stores are similar, this can be the deciding factor in where people spend their money. Your employees represent your company and brand with everything they do. You only have one chance to make a good first impression with your customers. Invest time on building a model for how you want customer service to be handled in your absence. Take the time to look at how other businesses have successfully and unsuccessfully handled their customer relations and train your employees to manage interactions with care.

Branding generates referrals

Good branding also attracts new customers. People love to talk about the latest store they went to and enjoyed. Your customers often promote your brand for you, and it’s important to give them something good to say. If customers can’t remember your brand, they won’t be able to tell their friends about it. 

Make sure you have a good digital presence and rank well on Google so people can find more information about your rank. Work on your Google rankings and use SERP tracker tools to monitor how well your website is ranking.

These branding tips should set you on the right track to creating a successful brand. Branding is nothing to take lightly when starting your own company, but you’re not alone. There are tons of other resources that can help you on your way.