Around 93% of American households have a computer, which shows how many of us have used PDF files at one point. 

Familiarizing yourself with PDF files is a great way to expand your tech knowledge and streamline the process when using digital documents. But, if you’re unfamiliar with these files, it’s difficult knowing what to do. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn about PDFs and aren’t sure where to start.  

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the answer to your burning question: “what is a PDF?” 

What Is a PDF?

Adobe PDF stands for portable document format file, where users can access documents digitally, regardless of the hardware they use.

You’ll notice that many PDF files feature links, buttons, and support digital signatures, which is a lifesaver for businesses. 

Benefits of PDF Files 

Whether you have the know-how to produce a C# generate PDF or are simply receiving them, we love how easy these are to use. You can easily convert important documents that are guaranteed to be opened by anyone receiving them. It also means you needn’t print out a pile of paperwork, which makes it the eco-friendly option.

Further, users are assured that PDFs are secure, thanks to password protection. This prevents others from copying and editing sensitive data. Plus, you can integrate PDFs with other apps, such as Microsoft Word documents or even Powerpoint presentations. 

And if you don’t want the recipient to alter any data, you can save it as a read-only document for peace of mind.  

Opening PDF Files 

You don’t need to download a special program or Adobe reader to open PDF files. You’ll find that most internet browsers open PDFs in your browser window, which gives you the option of saving them.

If it doesn’t open, the browser should let you download the file instead.  

Editing PDF Files 

In some cases, editing a PDF file is essential. If this is necessary, the user will include form fields where you can enter new information and save the changes. For instance, you may need this for adding your contact details.  

It’s important to note that not all web browsers support this. Instead, you must download the PDF file, enter the data, and then re-upload. 

How to Save a PDF File

Anyone who wants to “save as PDF” should open the right file.

Then, click “Save As” and click the drop-down arrow until you find “*.pdf”. It’s wise not to save over the original file because you may need it as-is. Or, if there isn’t an option, you should hit “Export” and it will automatically create a new PDF file for you.  

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, that’s answered your question “what is a PDF?”

There are many things to consider with PDF files, such as what they’re used for and how to open them. It’s also important to edit and save PDF documents, regardless of why you use them. Good luck!  

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