What Firmness of the Mattress is best for Side and Back Sleepers

Are you aware that your sleeping position can significantly impact your health? Having a poor sleeping posture can cause obstructive sleep apnea, nerve pain, numbness, neck and back pain. Sleeping on your side or back is the most recommended sleeping position since it tends to promote an excellent spinal alignment depending on the firmness of the mattress. However, side and back sleepers are advised to sleep on a medium-firm bed, which does not cause too much pressure on muscles. You can also use this Airtrack Mat for the ultimate comfort and safety. 

Thanks to technology, you do not need to go through the hustle of using many pillows to elevate your upper body, especially for people with breathing issues. People are now using adjustable beds to provide the best comfort after a busy day. However, don’t just buy your adjustable bed anywhere; there are several features that you need to consider, such as price and firmness. I recommend you to get an adjustable bed, and if you are already using one, buy your next adjustable bed from Sleep Essentials. Get one, and transform your sleeping space into a more comfortable space for good health and a good time. Take a look. 

H2: An Adjustable Bed Fit for You

Today, adjustable beds are not only used by the elderly; anyone can use the bed despite their age and health status. That is why getting a seller that will advise you and get you a bed based on your need is very important. If you would like to know more about queen mattresses in a box  visit Sleep Republic. Adjustable beds come in different varieties and sizes, hence providing the clients with various options to choose from. Some of the common brands include Rize Avada, Malouf Sleep, Leggett and Platt prodigy, and  Glide away motion.   

As a buyer, you need to take note of some factors while buying the bed because not all beds have similar features. For instance, a Rize Avada is more expensive than a Malouf Sleep because a Rize Avada is bigger and convertible compared to a Malouf Sleep. It is also advisable to consider the weight of the frames the family needs, if the bed can be shared,  warranty,  and pricing. Additionally, ensure that the bed has a timer that reminds the bed to readjust after the user sleeps. The timer is essential, especially for people with health conditions or the elderly.

Adjustable beds have both health and luxury benefits; for instance, anyone can use an adjustable bed for relaxation purposes and massage because the mattress is flexible enough to be regulated according to your comfort.  

Advantages of Adjustable Beds

  • Promote Easy Breathing

Sleeping with an elevated head makes breathing more manageable, especially for people with breathing problems. An inclined bed promotes easy passage of air, hence making breathing easier. 

  • Prevents Snoring

Sleeping in an inclined position is suitable for people who snore while asleep. A twenty degrees ready bed as you sleep on your side can perfectly solve the issues. Snoring can be uncomfortable, especially when sharing the mattress with someone.

  • Prevents You from Getting Migraines 

Sleeping on an adjustable bed reduces the weight exerted on your head compared to when you sleep on a leveled surface. Sleeping flat can make the brain congested, hence decreasing blood and oxygen movement to your brain. However, the pressure created can make you have severe headaches, making you less productive. 

  • Perfect for Pregnant Women 

Pregnant women are advised to sleep while their legs and head are elevated to prevent body swelling. Resting on your side and elevating your legs allows the blood to flow nicely around the body, which reduces pressure from being exerted on your veins.  

 Mattress Firmness that is Best for Back and Side Sleepers 

The most common mattress for adjustable beds is Twin XL, King, and Queen. How the mattress feels when you lie on it is very important; for instance, a mattress can feel soft, medium-soft or firm. When purchasing an adjustable bed, it is advisable to choose a comfortable mattress that is durable, flexible, and able to serve you for a long time. 

Firmness is one of the considerations that you need to keep in mind when investing in an adjustable bed. The choice of your mattress should be aligned to what you like in terms of comfort, health, sleeping position, and size based on family needs. Some adjustable beds come with only an elevated head position, while others offer both foot and head elevation. For side and back sleepers, a medium-firmed mattress is recommended.  

A medium-firmed mattress offers the following benefits: 

  • Distributes Strain Evenly 

A medium-firm mattress distributes your mass equally, hence preventing putting too much pressure on your shoulder and hip. Also, the bed holds all the weight of your body, preventing your body from sinking deep, which can cause lower back pains. A medium-firm mattress allows your lower back to sit comfortably and relieves muscle and nerve pressure, providing the comfort you need. I prefer you choose the bed that does not baffle. 

  • Offers Correct Spine Alignment

A medium-firm mattress will make your spine sit straight, which is a perfect alignment for preventing back pain. A soft bed will have your spine curved, leading to back complications. Having the correct mattress will not have you go through the stress of putting too many pillows to raise your head or legs.  

  • Relieves Stress

As you know, excellent sleep relieves stress and makes your nerves relaxed. Sleeping on a medium-firm mattress will have oxygen and blood well distributed to your body, making your body parts function well. Since quality sleep is closely associated with stress relief, quality sleep will prevent you from getting depression, anxiety, and insomnia.    

  • Fit for all Body Weight

A medium-firm mattress is better for light and heavyweight people than a soft bed. A medium-firm mattress will offer the necessary support; hence there will be less sinking and sagging for a heavier person.

  • Does not Conduct Heat

A medium-firm mattress is very fit for people living in warmer areas because it does not cause a lot of sweating or make you uncomfortable.  

Most people struggle to choose the right brand or price for an adjustable bed. Stress no more because you can check various websites for information and guidelines. However, if you need a guide, you can consult a purchase price assistance or get mattress guidelines for your sleep comfort.