Are you worried? Because your massage chair is worn out from different sides?

Obviously, you failed to look for some important features to make sure you’re purchasing a massage chair durable and long-lasting.

We know that massage recliners feel more comfortable when their features are reliable enough to spend hours sitting in them without getting a health burden. 

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Their composition makes them advanced chairs among all chair categories. Users with all special (after surgery or trauma) and normal (for office and home) situations prefer them due to their coping massage features and other possibilities.

But if you are new to these terms and don’t know how to identify a professional yet guaranteed massage chair, don’t worry at all.

This article has explained some common to specified things you should look at deeply when buying a massage chair/recliner. 

They will help you choose the best option that runs for a long time, and payback good posture and appreciated spine health!

Tick these things in a Massage Chair to Enjoy a Sturdy Sitting Time!

No doubt buying a quality recliner is not a hard plot to stick with. But it requires smart progress while selection that you can achieve by following these directions linked with a few things:

  1. Upholstery and Padding

Upholstered recliners with leather feel more soothing to skin and skip irritation which is a plus point one gets right after taking seat in it. The massager can be upholstered with Faux and PU leather that are 100% extracted from animal skin. The consistency of chemicals is somehow present in such leathers, but the option is pretty comfortable.

The biggest advantage of buying a leather upholstered massager is its easy cleaning. Users with a simple wet cloth dipped in any detergent can use it to clean massager, which is really a good point for those who prefer a zero-impurity environment for sitting.

  1. Types of Massagers (Rollers/Vibrators)

Among a diversity of massage chairs, you will get those with simple techniques of massage and they use vibration therapy for circulating blood finely (the main purpose of getting massage). While some models are really advanced and provide both rollers and vibrators’ massage features integrated throughout chair’s body.

As soon as user gets in it, the rollers work efficiently at back and spine or around the shoulders to make muscles elastic. The vibrators work in other regions for ensuring normal blood flow and enhancing metabolism.

  1. Functionality of Heating Feature

If you are facing sudden or regular lumbar stiffness or pain, it is recommended to look for massage recliner which has a heating feature installed at the termination or in middle of backrest. 

This heating feature lets your lumbar muscles or coccyx (last bone of spine) eliminate pain, be cozy, and sustain normal blood flow moving through limbs and trunk.

Heating at lumbar can simply be used by office workers and homies. It must be controlled or customized.

  1. Zero-gravity and Reclining

In a zero-gravity state, your massage chair sets its position where your feet are elevated, balances the pulse rate or heart workout, and makes you feel suspended in a space known as no-gravity or zero-gravity. 

People facing heart problems or depression mostly underline this feature in massagers and get most of it. This state puts your body weight to nowhere but maybe on lumbar, which is compensable and feels negligible. 

Also, choose massage chair with good reclining angles (normal is 90-140-degrees). If you’re reading a book, watching TV, or taking a nap, you need three different positions that are only possible with reclining features in massagers.

  1. Massage Areas

That’s certainly an important thing to note which areas will get massage from the chair you choose. Is it trusted enough or capable to provide complete body massage or not? If not, you are enjoying an average sitting time, which is OK if you don’t want full-body massage. 

But to massage your shoulders, neck collar, buttocks, thighs, waist, lumbar, calves, and feet, you need a full-body massage chair, which is easily available with a slightly higher price tag than specific massage providing recliners.

  1. Airbag Comfortness

The airbags are present all over the massage recliner to give satisfaction to your complete posture. These airbags compress, contract, twist, turn and rotate the shape of body parts. When pressing, the airbags operate in a swing-like movement to release over-exhaustion of muscles or exert the tissues deeper into the rollers for a more deep massage.

  1. Size and Dimensions

If your place is narrow and you want to keep a massager in your bedroom or lounge, check out dimensions and overall size of chair. It must include height, width, seat depth, and length by extending footrest to its maximum angle. If this format suits your requirements according to the space, don’t slip to find extra features that can affect your budget by getting scratches and similar falls.

  1. Convenience of Using

Once all things are ensured, put a final observation to detect any drawback or inconvenience while sitting you can face. You must check out comfort, ease of using massage features, reclining, and footrest extension. Also, check if chair produces creaky sounds or not. This broad overview involves your feeling and observing senses that you must utilize properly.


This guide has quick tips and some prominent things you must observe before investing in expensive massage recliners due to their advanced technology for driving comfort. Following this format of review, you will get exactly the chair you are longing for. Make sure that the massage chair you choose must be comfortable and don’t bother your weight and size.