Vape juice is the easily-evaporated compound used in the modern descendent of e-cigarettes. It is actually formulated out of a combination of a glycerin base, an alternative nicotine derivative and some sort of artificial flavoring. That’s all that’s in it, so as far as concerns about carcinogenic compounds or the other hazardous things that come with actual smoking, no concern need to be had there. However, it is toxic if swallowed, though not lethal. You will have a horrible experience in the with vomiting if you drink vape juice.

It should also not ever be used by people under the legal smoking age, not only because it’s the law, but because nicotine itself can actually stunt growth and does pose a risk of adolescent cancers, though no real risk of cancers in adults, the carcinogens in cigarette smoke that do that. It is much safer in the simple sense that it’s not likely to ever start a fire or injure someone as no actual combustion takes place. A vaping device simply uses an electric heating coil, the seating coil then evaporating the juice for inhalation. However, that coil doesn’t get hot enough to actually cause a fire or injure a person should they come in contact with. The electric oil is also very low-voltage, posing no shock risk.

We are very scientifically familiar with the glycerin base used in vape juice, that being either propylene glycol or vegetable oil, so we know the effects this will have on the body. We also know what nicotine does, and those natural flavorings are all USDA certified artificial flavorings used in several other things.

It is important, though, to buy your vapes from the right place. The thing is, you should absolutely know the source of your vapes, make sure you are getting a reputable brand, from a reputable supplier. There have been instances of counterfeit vapes made in certain parts of the world which while not necessarily lethal, are certainly low-quality, and with lower safety standards in place.

In the early days of electronic smoking vice technology, compounds much less safe than the glycerin base were used and many counterfeit vapes may still use this sort of formula.

Vape juices can also come in different concentrations of nicotine, meaning it is possible to wean yourself off of it if you are trying to give it up. If you want to still use the device, but be independent of nicotine itself, nicotine-free vape uses are incredibly common.

Do know that use of vapes in any place that prohibits public smoking is also prohibited, unless explicitly stated otherwise. You also obviously can’t use these things on buses, planes or other forms of public transit.

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