What Everyone Ought To Know About SharePoint Recycle Bin

It is vital to explore the modern platforms used to manage the business’s workflow. If you do not unlock the great features and functionalities, it might lead to higher losses. 

But before starting our journey about the SharePoint Recycle bin, let us first know what it is?

What is a SharePoint Recycle Bin?

This provides a safety net when a user decides to delete files, list items, lists, libraries, versions of files, and folders from the website. Once the user deletes the items from the website, they are placed in the recycle Bin. 

A site collection admin can manage and view deleted items across a SharePoint website in the Recycle Bin. If you delete items from this Recycle Bin, it is sent to the second-stage Recycle Bin, also known as Site Collection Recycle Bin. 

Users that delete the item from the Recycle Bin and restore it to the original location only if you haven’t exceeded the deleted date set by the server admin. By default, the deadline to SharePoint recover deleted files is just 30 days. 

What are the two stages of Recycle Bin?

  1. After you delete a file from the SharePoint site, it goes to the Recycle Bin and stays there for 14 days from the time it is deleted. Users can remove the file by manually restoring or eliminating it. Items in the first stage can be fixed easily if you delete them accidentally. Just click on Recycle Bin, check the box next to the thing you want to restore, and click on Restore Selection. 
  2. Once an item is deleted from the first stage, it comes in the Site Collection Recycle Bin for more than 14 days from the time it is removed entirely. Items in this stage do not count in your website quota. It is about one-quarter of your actual site quota. If you somehow exceed the second stage quota, it removes the oldest items to make space for new items. 
    • From the Site Actions menu, choose the Site Settings
    • In the Site Collection Administration, select Bin Recycle
    • Check the box near the item or items you need to restore. Click on Restore Selection
    • Then click on OK in the confirmation box

How to Find Recycle Bin in SharePoint?

Team Sites 

The Recycle Bin link is permanently located in the Quick Launch. It cannot be removed from there even if you plan to edit the menu. 

Communication Sites 

Recycle Bin is not part of the Quick Launch Menu. To access the Recycle bin, follow the below process:

  • Click on Gear Icon > Site Contents 
  • Click on Recycle Bin in the top right corner

What are the basics you should know about Recycle bin?

Before you plan to recover deleted files from recycle Bin, it is crucial to understand the basics:

  • Securable Objects: When you restore a securable object, it will bring all the objects it contains when deleted. If you restore a SharePoint list, library, Document Set, or folder, the restored versions include all its elements. 
  • Missing Container Object: If you delete the object and remove the thing that contained it, then it is vital to restore the container and then restore the object. For example, if you delete a document and then delete the library that is stored. It would help if you restored the library before restoring the document. 
  • Exception: The folder is automatically created in the former location but contains the object you need to restore. Users can also restore the folder manually from the Recycle Bin, and in this case, all the contents are restored when deleted. 
  • 93 Days Window: From the moment of deletion, the SharePoint Admin can restore the items, lists, sites, folders, and documents within 93 days, no matter which stage they are in. After that, they are permanently removed and cannot be restored.
  • OneDrive: If you delete items from the SharePoint Document Library synchronizing with the OneDrive, they also end up in the Recycle Bin. This is a great feature in case you wipe out folders accidentally. 

How to restore items from SharePoint Recycle Bin?

Every user has the freedom to recover deleted files from recycle Bin by using the below procedure carefully:

  • Click on the Recycle Bin icon
  • Look for the content you are planning to restore, check the box next to it
  • Then click on Restore Selection 
  • The content is restored to the original location

How to restore a deleted site from SharePoint?

When it comes to knowing how to recover deleted files from recycle Bin? Did you know SharePoint gives you a choice to delete and restore the sites in the new SharePoint Admin Centre? Moreover, you do not have to be a global admin to take this action. Let us look at this process:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft account as a SharePoint admin or global
  • In the Admin Centres, Choose SharePoint in the left pane
  • In case you can see the classic SharePoint admin centre, click on Try it now to open the SharePoint Admin Centre
  • Choose the Deleted Sites below the Sites on the left side
  • Select the site you want to restore 
  • Click on Restore.
  • If you do not see the Restore button, ensure that you choose a single site as it won’t appear on multiple selections. 

How to delete an item using the Site Collection Recycle Bin page?

By default, the items deleted are sent to the Recycle Bin. Being a Site Collection Admin, you have the permission to view the items at the End User Recycle Bin items views. When a user deletes the item from the Recycle Bin, it is sent to the Site Collection Recycle Bin. Here is the method to restore the data: 

  • On the site, click on Settings and then on Site Settings
  • Click on Recycle Bin and then Site Collection Administration 
  • To View items for the end-user, Click on End User Recycle Bin items 
  • To view items in the Site Collection Recycle Bin, click on Deleted from end-user Recycle Bin
  • Choose the checkbox in front of the item you want to delete 
  • Click on Delete Selection 


There are multiple features and functionalities available in the SharePoint Recycle bin that are user-friendly. It helps to keep your data safe and secure in case they are deleted accidentally.