What Digital Marketing Tools Help to Promote Your Business

What is the goal of any business owner? Most likely, you will not argue with the fact that every person dreams of maximizing profits. Your business needs to grow. A new audience and sales market is the key to the prosperity of every company. But how do you achieve results, especially if you’re new to digital marketing? Fortunately, you don’t have to despair. Here are digital marketing tools that help to promote your business.


Let’s say you’ve created a startup and even put together a marketing team to make your business known online. How are you going to establish online communication? Trello is a great app that helps you manage your projects, assign tasks, and quickly switch between templates. 

Such a tool is extremely useful for those who own several companies. However, even students can use such an application. All you need is a couple of days to understand the basic aspects of interacting with your team. Then, tell someone, “Write a paper for me” to delve deeper into the nuances of an app. By delegating your assignments, you will have more time to create a strategy for promoting your brand.

HubSpot CRM

Imagine that you have a multifunctional marketing strategy management tool, and you can automate many processes. HubSpot CRM is the Holy Grail for marketers. This tool will help you manage social media posts, customize your projects, and even interact with potential customers. But you should know in advance that the interface is tricky enough. You may need a few days to memorize the sequence of actions and basic settings.


You can hardly argue that email marketing is still important to the promotion of most brands. However, thanks to MailChimp, you can send bulk emails and automate many business processes. Moreover, this tool is very convenient and allows you to create templates depending on the business goals you are pursuing.


Any brand needs to know the opinion of the target audience. So this is why you should be aware of a tool like SurveyMonkey. It is a free online project that allows you to create social polls and get the opinion of your potential customers. Plus, you can choose from several methods of communicating with your audience. So now you will always know what people think about your products and services. Perhaps SurveyMonkey will be the trigger for your business growth.


Hotjar is a unique tool that website owners should use. For example, let’s say you have created an information portal, an online store, or provided any services. How are you going to track the activity of your customers? Hotjar can scan your site’s card page and display so-called thermal zones. Such a tool is ideal for those who are going to improve the functionality of the site. In addition, you can easily find out which pages are most attractive to the general audience.


Now let’s talk about the visual aspect of marketing. People love beautiful images and promo content. So this is why you should think about creating social media posts, brochures, and banners. Canva makes it easy to organize your graphic content and create images. Now you don’t need to look for other services.

Moz Local

Moz Local is a tool designed to track the key metrics of your business. For example, let’s say you want to track your target audience and the relevance of your search queries. Now you can rely on search engines and collect hundreds of statistical parameters to know what aspects of your business need improvement.


Hootsuite is a tool to help you create strong social media integration between your business and people. Now you can track key statistics, create deferred posts and generate reports for further marketing campaigns. In addition, the general interface is convenient so that you do not have to learn the basics of operating this online tool for a long time.

Google Analytics

Now it’s time to talk about the most important tool for any business owner. Google Analytics is your way to improve business processes. Now you can analyze traffic, find out the relevance of your pages and geographic coverage. Plus, there are quite a few important SEO aspects that you can manage with Google Analytics.

Confused Where To Start From?

Many newbies can be confused by the sheer number of online tools. But you don’t need to panic. To begin with, you should decide what goals you are pursuing. Looking for statistics, geographic areas, or a map of your customer’s activity on the main website? Then, rely on those aspects that are important to you at the moment.

Final Words

You now have a large list of digital tools to make your life easier. Pick a couple of the most feature-rich applications or web services that meet most of your needs. Also, you should know that many tools require a monthly subscription.