Making appealing music videos goes beyond having sophisticated equipment, a big budget, and big music video production companies. It is an art that requires a creative mind to achieve music videos that integrate well with the music and appeals to the fanbase while still maintaining high professionalism. This is what Gear Seven brings to the table, among many other impressive features that set us apart from the rest. 

Music video production is a billion-dollar industry that brings the best companies who strive to set themselves apart from the rest by delivering the highest quality music videos. These videos play a crucial part in the success of music, allowing their fans to vibe with it at a higher level. Here are some of the most successful music video production companies and their distinct features that have let them rise to the top of their game. 


Gear Seven is a music video production company from Nashville, Tennessee, setting the pace and has distinguished itself as one of the best options available. The company has several creative problem-solving individuals with an impressive catalog that works perfectly on various music genres. They are highly creative and always in pursuit of excellence, which results in an immersive music video production process that appeals to their fans. 

Gear Seven offers live capture or performance sessions that will work well with the narrative of your music. Their robust network of directors and creatives transcend all limitations to achieve unparalleled perfection in their final output. Their multiple awards and recognition are a testament to their performance and deliverability. 


Sandbox is a video production company from Australia that post-production specialists in Australia founded. The company combines professionalism and creativity from its years of experience in multiple music video production projects across all genres. The company has great directors who have won multiple independent recognitions and awards that speak to their potential in your music video production process. 

The company also offers 3D music video animation, sound engineering, and color editing, among other services that ensure your music videos stand out. Additionally, they have a marketing option, just like Gear Seven, that ensures your music videos reach a wider audience and remain rooted in their mind. 


Armonica Film has operated since 2005, and since its establishment in Italy, they are grown into the United States market and bringing a dynamic shift owing to its music video production processes and the big names backing them. The company started by producing commercials for corporates for companies across all industries. They have worked in tourism, fashion, technology, and e-learning platforms, among others. It has thus attracted business from leading names such as Apple, McDonald’s, Google, and more. 

Their transition into music video production began with jingle production for leading brands before attracting big names in music who have always been pleased by their performance. They have a huge creative team that captures all video concepts that ensure proper delivery across multiple genres. Gear Seven has been offering strong competition for this new market entrant, and it remains to be seen how well they rise to the occasion and how well they perform. 


Zane Productions is a US-based video production company that has been in business for over a decade. They have multiple awards under their belt and are popular for working with their clients from the bottom-up. Zane Productions offers a range of services, including VFX, motion graphics, music composition, and sound engineering, among others. Their full-scale music video production has been significant for new entrants in the market, allowing them as they strive to venture into the scene. 

Their performance has attracted business from big names, and their jingles have remained in the mouths of their intended clients. Some big names they have worked with include Samsung, Marvel, and Warner Music Group, among others. Their timely delivery and ability to work on multiple concepts at a time make them the right partner for album productions, among other sophisticated projects. 


YouTube is popular for its video streaming platform, and its entry into music video production brought in formidable competition for leading companies such as Gear Seven and others. Youtube has an established name and a strong reputation, allowing them to attract business from big corporates and music bigwigs. Their capacity also extends to their equipment, ensuring the highest music video quality. 

They have multiple packages that attract clients from all levels, and their quotes often include other complimentary services. They are sure to deliver the best results for your music video, and their highly creative directors have the perfect results. If you need help with deciding the perfect ideas for your videos, they are the perfect option to consider. 


Maximum Flavor Media is a newer entrant in the music video production company compared to Gear Seven. They were established in 2011 and have been rising to become one of the companies to watch in Sam Francisco. They use their production processes to tell compelling stories in commercials and another documentary filming. 

Maximum Flavor Media is also excellent in music video production, and their work is distinctly visible. They have brought many music videos to life with their creativity and editing skills, making them the right option for many. Their quotes are also attractive and great for beginners who often need guidance throughout the production process. 


There are multiple music video production companies in the country, and getting the right one for your project can sometimes be overwhelming. Gear Seven comes in with the right solution for all your music video production needs to ensure you have the best value for your money and that your projects achieve the highest quality and reach all your fans. 

Gear Seven has a huge production team with sophisticated minds to ensure your music videos are distinct from the rest and that the ideas in your lyrics are brought out. These are the biggest players in the music scene with the potential to deliver glimmering projects.