What Can You Do with a Degree of Animation VFX Design?

Captain America screaming, “Avengers, Assemble!” and rallying his superhero troops to battle Thanos will be etched as a cinematic marvel (pun intended) forever. Even thinking about this particular scene is Goosebumps-worthy, especially for those who experienced it on the big screen.

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor’s Mjolnir, or Thanos’s infinity stones don’t exist in real life (if only they did!). Instead, they resulted from the Russo Brothers’ brilliance, Stan Lee’s imagination, and the real “superheroes” who brought these fictional characters to life – VFX artists. However, creating larger-than-life visuals and epic movie scenes are just some of the many things you can do as a VFX professional.

So, strap on your creative boots. Apply for an animation VFX course, get that degree, and choose from the various career options available. Here are some of the top roles you can fulfill with an animation VFX degree: –

#1 Animator

As an animator, you’ll work with 3D/2D model-making, computer-generated animations, and stop-frames to create animations. The interesting part? You’ll be doing so for animated films, motion pictures, special effects in movies, etc. Remember Lightning McQueen ripping through racetracks in Cars? Or Buzz Lightyear and Woody going on adventures in Toy Story? These are all a product of Animators!

#2 Art Director

The role is just as serious as it sounds. With an animation VFX design degree, you can also work as an art director, creating compelling images and visuals for newspapers, magazines, movie productions, and product packaging. Moreover, you’ll also get the flexibility to either collaborate with PR firms, magazine publishers, design firms, etc. or freelance.

#3 Game Designer

Yes, you read that right. An animation VFX design qualification can also help you do something as awesome as designing games professionally! As a game designer, you’ll be tasked with designing gameplays, characters, environments, movement patterns, etc., for not just MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) but educational apps and global market leaders such as Rockstar or EA.

You can also develop games that serve real-world purposes! For example, the US Navy use Nintendo’s Wii ‘Fit’ game for their physical therapy exercises.

#4 Web Designer

Intrigued about webpage designs? Then you can also opt to become a web designer, who plans, creates, and codes webpages. Web designers are highly sought-after professionals as they not only decide a website’s overall aesthetic but how smoothly it works as well. Today, countless brands are embracing social media and rely on their websites for better customer engagement. As such, web design is one of the most lucrative career choices currently, equally satisfying if it’s your cup of tea.

#5 Concept Artist

If your imagination reigns supreme and being artistic is like breathing for you, why not become a concept artist? Yes, you can absolutely do that with an animation VFX design degree. And guess what? It’s surreal to see your ideas come into life!

Concept artists mainly use their imagination to create images. These can be people, places, creatures, specific settings, moods, or even an action sequence! In a nutshell, you will sketch worlds and characters that don’t yet exist and bring them to life through VFX, animation, films, adverts, video games, etc. This is exactly how the likes of Spiderman, the Avengers, Frozen, Ratatouille, etc., were born.

Parting thoughts

These are just some of the numerous professions you can undertake once you secure a degree in animation VFX design. While you will also need to possess software expertise and knowledge in diverse areas to excel in these fields, obtaining that degree is the first step. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey into the mesmerizing world of animation today!