What Can You Do If You’re Allergic to Your Jewelry?

If you are one of the people who suffer from a jewelry allergy, you must have a very clear notion of those that will not harm you. That is why we will tell you what are the characteristics that you should take into account before acquiring any type of jewel.

Considerations that you should take into account if you are a person who suffers from jewelry allergy

If your jewelry leaves behind a rash, that means you have an allergy to that particular piece of jewelry. People can have an allergy to any metal; however, nickel is the common metal to cause an allergy. In that case, many earrings are labeled as nickel free.

Any metals can cause allergic reactions. Although a material like Gold can rarely cause an allergy. No matter what the metal is, if you’re one of those with jewelry allergies, often the rash looks the same.

When you suspect that a particular jewelry item is causing you a reaction, you should temporarily stop wearing it. After this, you can apply anti-inflammatory creams that will help you with the rashes, when it disappears, try putting the jewel on again, and if it causes the same reaction, it means that you are seriously allergic to a metal of that jewel.

What are the jewels that normally do not hurt?

You may wonder, what types of jewelry can you buy that will not hurt you? Considering that nickel is the metal that most commonly causes allergies, you should avoid it completely, you will be taking a good step to limit the allergy.

On the other hand, according to expert jewelers, Sterling Silver, as well as 18K Gold, are safe for most people.

But you have to consider that gold (18 karat ) is a soft metal, and having this characteristic, they usually add other metals that make the final piece harden, so confirm they don’t contain materials that make your skin look damaged.

It is important to mention that the allergy caused by earrings is one of the most difficult problems to solve.

Because metal goes through your skin, it often creates an allergic reaction, which is why if nickel-free 18K gold earrings or other types of earrings still cause you problems, you should consider using open hoop earring.

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