What can I become if I study for bachelor’s in international business?

All commercial transactions that take place at the national and transnational level are termed International Business. International Business is the trade of goods and services done between two or more countries. There are various types of international business such as import and export, licensing, outsourcing and offshoring, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and Multinational Companies (MNCs), among others. International Business is an ideal programme for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs. As the country is home to several giant national and international companies, studying a Bachelor of International Business Management in Germany opens broad career prospects for aspiring business leaders.

Career prospects of International Business

BSc International Business Management is a three-year full-time degree programme made for those who have a zeal for developing a career in international business. The programme is industry-focused and prepares students for the real-world business environment. Students will acquire the skills and networks that they will require to build a career in international business. The programme presents a wide range of opportunities in which an International Business graduate can make their career. Let us talk about some major roles in complete detail.

  • International Trader: Popular as commodities and securities traders, they are responsible for coordinating an organization’s import and export operations. International traders also advise clients on trade and investment matters as they possess the knowledge of business legalities.
  • Financial Analyst: Organisations are hiring professionals who have a strong understanding of the languages, culture, environment, currencies, politics, and policies of several other countries. They usually work in investment banks, insurance companies, and reputable businesses. They are responsible for analyzing reports, assess stock performances, and develop business strategies.
  • Trade Specialist: These professionals do the handling of credit and other financial transactions of a business on a global scale. They are also responsible for settling payment for the import and export operations of a company. They also possess a deep understanding of international trade laws and keep them aware of any trade policy changes. They also handle matters related to multinational banks.
  • Economist: These professionals work in diverse sectors. It is a lucrative career that offers a role in significant international organizations. International Business graduates can work in the World Bank or International Monetary Fund (IMF). Their primary task is to maximize the company’s profit by analyzing data related to manufacturing and circulation products and services.
  • Import/Export Coordinator: These professionals handle the shipment of cargo in other nations. They do all the mandatory paperwork related to the shipment of products. They also keep track till the consignment is delivered to the desired locations. Furthermore, they also handle customer/client grievances.

Students can also become Consultant foreign exchange traders, Supply Chain Managers, Management Analysts, or Marketing Executives. All these roles are most in-demand professions and require a bachelor’s in International Business for eligibility. So, learn the business skills in Germany and become more employable in the global job market. Applying now to a bachelor’s in International Business Management programme in Germany’s top business schools can make you eligible for a scholarship of up to 30 percent.