What are the Various Types of Family Therapies

The family consists of individuals with different personality traits, likes, and dislikes, which can be challenging for the parental figures. Individuals within a family unit may have different beliefs that fail to align with cultural norms and values. It can lead to conflict and cause hindrance in the family dynamics. Conflict affects relationships and deteriorates mental health. Family counseling is a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on improving relationships, understanding each other’s perspectives, and resolving conflicts. Family guidance in Dubai allows the individuals within a unit to overcome their problems and enhance their relationships for mental peace.

The different types of family therapy are:

  • Structural Therapy: Structural therapy focuses on the interactions within the family unit that hinder growth. The therapist aims to help individuals understand the unhealthy patterns that affect their behavior and relationship.
  • Family System Therapy: It helps utilize the strengths of the individuals to overcome mental health problems affecting the family dynamics and leading to further complications.
  • Relationship Therapy: Couples may struggle to communicate their feelings due to cultural differences. It affects mental health by inducing stress. Stress affects physical health, leading to multiple complications. Relationship counseling enables couples to communicate their concerns and feelings with each other to resolve conflicts that affect the intimate relationship. 
  • Communication Therapy: Communication therapy helps enhance the system of expressing feelings and effectively conveying messages. Lack of communication increases conflicts within a family. The therapist provides a safe environment to trust the other person and openly convey feelings through words to improve the relationship.
  • Psychoeducation: Family with patients struggle to meet the financial expenses and effectively communicate their feelings with one another. The members of a family unit struggle to convey their concerns and provide adequate medical assistance and support to the patient. It affects family dynamics. Psychoeducation helps the family to work together to enhance mental health.
  • Transgenerational Therapy: The therapy helps understand the mindset of the family members. It aims to observe and interpret the way of expressing and thought processes of individuals from a different generation. It helps to understand the core cause of the conflicts and take rational steps to resolve them. 
  • Strategic Therapy: Strategic therapy is classified into five steps; brief social stage, understanding the problem, interacting, goals setting, and task setting goal task. It helps to strategically address the problems within a family unit and take appropriate actions to prevent further complications.
  • Narrative Therapy: The therapy aims to understand each other by listening to their experiences. It helps to build a relationship based on trust by understanding the point of view of others.

People with family issues may struggle in professional life. Stress can lead to physical health problems and hinder overall growth. Thus, it is best to act and seek professional help on time to prevent complications. Families becoming dysfunctional must consult a competent and reliable counselor. It is best to opt for family counseling in Dubai  through Fitcy Health for guidance regarding the therapies that can help them overcome the issues.