What Are the Top Movie Production Companies? 

Film production companies assist companies with film preparation, recording and editing for both internal and external use. In a range of advertisement and marketing situations, and for online tutorials, training, conferences, workshops, and general corporate use, custom videos are usually used. 

Top Movie Production Companies in the UAE 

From design growth and storyboarding to post-production and distribution, film/video production services will include anything. Usually, video/movie production companies have the requisite equipment and personnel, which can differ depending on the size and nature of a project. The teams that work with video production firms are typically marketing and content divisions of a company. 


Overlight is a highly vibrant artistic community that specializes in the provision of 360 production services in Dubai. The video/movie production agency prides itself on the fact that when collaborating with you, they leave nothing in the dark. Everything is simple and measured. They don’t think that “good work” is philosophizing, so as part of their default project plan, what others would place you as a “luxury” in the level of work they offer. 

The company started with a mission to inspire individuals, organizations, entrepreneurs and leaders through timeless film, digital media, and developing goods and partnerships that translate into new possibilities to achieve their business objectives. For many years, they have been involved in making animated explanatory videos down the line, and have developed a well-defined process for creating your animated company video style and script. 

Video Explainers convey the true meaning of your brand to the intended audience in a fun and engaging way within a limited period of time. By embracing the vocabulary that your clients can readily understand, they succeed in communicating your business experience to the audience in unforgettable ways. They take care of everything—whether you want to teach, reassure, alert users or inspire them to sign up. The agency is here to send you highly personalized brand messages according to your requirements and market rankings to improve online consumer conversions or landing page conversion rates. 

ENH Media 

In Dubai, ENH Media assists with corporate video development. They provide companies in Dubai and the UAE with high-quality corporate video production services. They also specialize in making videos, training videos and testimonial videos for business & product marketing. To offer high quality results, the business has a talented and skilled team of professionals. 

Alsayegh Media  

Alsayegh Media is one of Dubai’s top companies in corporate video production. Their other video production services are TV commercials, videos for event coverage, 2D & 3D animation and videos for branded content. In addition to this, they also provide facilities for content writing, IoT, digital production and infographic design. 


In Dubai, KB4East is a corporate video production firm. Training videos, interview videos, stop motion videos, animation videos, and the creation of social media videos are their other abilities. They have produced several high-quality videos/movies in Dubai with over 20 years of experience in the field of TV and video production. 

Here you have the top video/movie production companies in Dubai. I would recommend choosing a film production agency among them for optimum results. Click here to get a free consultation for starting with a film/movie project.