What are the things You Should Know Before Buying The Larimar?

Larimar is a stunning and highly rare gemstone that comes from only one place on the earth – The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean region. That’s the reason why it is also called the Caribbean stone. As this stone is extremely rare and looks amazingly beautiful, it carries high value and charm. If you are planning to buy Larimar jewelry or gemstone, you must know certain facts that will help you get a fair deal. Once you understand the basics, you may explore and buy your favorite Larimar gem or jewelry from various wholesale gemstone jewelry ranges available at authentic destinations. 

Larimar – Check the Cut, Color & Clarity!

The three most important factors that one needs to check before buying the beautiful Larimar include color, cut, and clarity.

  • Color – Larimar comes in several different shades of blue. From light blue and sky blue to clear ocean blues and even green-blue shades, the gem is found in a few alluring blue shades. However, the one that has maximum value is the gem that has a bright volcanic blue shade with a few white inclusions. The Larimars that have dull blue or very light blue shades have the least value when compared to the bright and darker blue shades. Hence, when you buy this gem, ensure buying the ones with bright blue color and few whitish inclusions. It is okay to ignore the ones with dull blue shades. 
  • Clarity – It is important to clarify that Larimars have white inclusions. These gems are usually found in opaque appearance and portray pearly luster. Though, transparent specimens have also been found. The solid opaque ones are quite rare to find and thus, have maximum value. 
  • Cut – When compared to other gems, the Larimar is considered soft. But it is worthy to mention that the white inclusions found inside the gem give it strength and hardness. That’s the reason why it can be cut into different shapes. 

Few More Important Points to Consider Before You Buy Larimar 

  • It is important to remember that most of these gems are usually sold in their natural form, that is, without any treatments. But this is where you need to verify completely when buying Larimars. Sometimes, the low-value or dull-colored gems are polished and sold in name of valuable Larimars. Thus, you should first ensure whether you are buying the natural gem or not. The market is full of imitated, treated as well as enhanced Larimars and you would certainly not want to own the ones that are not natural! Hence, it is best to discuss with your seller that what kind of Larimar would you receive. The honest wholesale gemstone jewelry sellers will always share the true info with their customers. 
  • We would again like to emphasize that as Larimar is a very rare gem, it is not easy to find its jewelry frequently. Thus, trust only the best destinations to purchase this gem or Larimar jewelry.
  • You can also find some fascinating options of Larimar in wholesale silver handmade jewelry as this gemstone is often combined with silver to create beautiful jewelry. Still, you can get your gem customized into any expensive and strong metal of your choice. Ensure that you get the right design that absolutely guards your chosen Larimar in a beautiful way.

Last but not the least, it is always better to buy Larimar from the most authentic destinations. Also, make sure to have somebody knowledgeable and experienced at your side while you shop for Larimar jewelry as you will get proper guidance about the gem and will have maximum chances of buying original and natural Larimar gemstones.