What are the special firefighting equipment protection systems?

Firefighters are no less than heroes; they are always on alert and reach important places as soon as possible. Essentially they save hundreds of lives just by reaching on time. However, sometimes that is not enough. Hence today, we will talk about some more important parts of a fire department. 

More than the men, what aids a fire to cease the most is the equipment used by the men. They are trained to perform the tools that help in bringing the fire down. Hence we will talk about some important fire fighting equipment UAE and PPE (PPE Meaning) which are an important part of the protection system of fire fitters and workers.

What is fire fighting equipment? 

When there is a fire, you will notice people rushing around for help. When you call the fire department who rush to the site with their outfits and trucks. The fire department is trained to rush and dodge all traffic and try to reach there on time. The slightest delay can cost someone their life. 

Firemen are always on the go, but they are nothing without their training and their equipment. It is impossible to put out the fire on the 7th floor without a hose. Thus, fire fighting equipment Dubai is a huge set of elements that aid to put out fires. There are different kinds of fires, some are not as big to kill multiple people. On the other hand, some are very dangerous. Nonetheless, fires can escalate really quickly, thus you should be prepared. 

Hence all fire departments have huge bells which ring nonstop very loudly. This is so done to wake up everyone should they be sleeping. Additional to bells, there is the truck which has a huge purpose. Water is the only thing that can stop big fires, and sometimes you can never have enough water. Hence fire fighting equipment suppliers in uae ensure that there is a lot of room in the truck to put of scary fires. 

Special fire hazards

Fire can be caused anywhere, it can start from something as small as a match stick and can potentially burn the house. Common fires include forest fires, office buildings, and households. But that is not all. Fire can take place anywhere. Sometimes, it can occur in the most unusual places and bring out devastation. Some of those places are: 

  • Power plants or chemical plants 
  • Data centers 
  • Museums 
  • Aircraft hangars 
  • Historic places 

Special fire fighting equipment 

Although you can never know when there might be a fire, you can always be prepared. Every fire protection service has at least the bare minimum to take control of the situation. If things go out of hand, then it will be too late by the time the firefighters come. Thus, make sure you have some special fire fighting equipment UAE: 

Automatic sprinklers 

This is something that can help you control the fire before it can escalate. These automatic sprinklers from fire fighting equipment suppliers UAE have smoke detectors. They will sense any kind of smoke and start spraying water from the ceiling. This helps manage the situation as soon as possible. 

Fire hydrant systems

This is not the kind of equipment that civilians shall use. They are specially made and installed for trained firefighters. Fire hydrant systems are specially made fire fighting equipment in UAE. They are connected to the hose, which in turn does not require them to uncoil all the way. Hence, you can easily put out the fire with the water pressure without taking out the entire hose. 

Fire dampers 

Dampers are a very interesting type of fire fighting equipment Dubai. They act like vaults in cargoes and similar places. When there is a fire, the dampers close, which causes less supply of oxygen as they shut. These significantly provide less room for combustion, causing the fire to die down. 


There are times in a fire when someone is left behind. The panic that is caused by smoke detectors and fire alarms causes people to think of themselves first. It is rare that people remain calm should they see smoke. But with EEBD, people can easily find a way to remain calm until they have left the building. This is also called an Emergency Escape Breathing device that helps people breathe in case of blind smoke.  

Fixed fire extinguisher

There is always something extra that is stored in case of emergencies. One of them is a fixed fire extinguisher that is filled with carbon dioxide, foam, and water. These elements significantly neutralize the heat and carbon dioxide does not aid in burning. Instead, it neutralizes it and diminishes the effect. 


Fire fighting companies UAE are dedicated to making plausible and useful equipment. But that is not the end of it; they are constantly working towards making them even more efficient so that there are even fewer fire accidents. Regardless, it is important to keep an eye out for any kind of smoke coming out and despite taking measures, make sure that you always call the fire department.