What Are the Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water?

Did you know that drinking enough water is one of life’s simple pleasures?

Every day we all have responsibilities that stress us out and, sadly, push the very basic things we need to survive to the very bottom of our priority lists.

One of these, and a very important one, is drinking plenty of water. When so much is going on in our minds, we become more vulnerable to forgetting the importance of water.

This is why we’re giving you some of the biggest signs that you need to drink more water to avoid the negative physical and mental effects of dehydration.

This is the guide to finding out if you’re not drinking enough water.

Severe Headaches

When the body is dehydrated, it can cause pain and swelling in the brain and cause headaches. If you’ve been having constant headaches for more than a few days and you can’t determine the cause, one possibility is that you may not be drinking enough water. 

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Muscle Cramps & Joint Pain

Your body is composed primarily of water, and your muscles and joints need water to move and function properly. When you’re low on water, it can cause tightness and pain in these areas. Dehydration can also make your joints swollen, stiff, and weak, leading to difficulty with movement. You may also experience joint and muscle pain when you increase physical activity or strain those parts of your body. 

Weight Gain

When the body doesn’t get enough water, it can cause a decrease in metabolism and delayed digestion, both of which can cause weight gain. Dehydration can cause a decrease in activity and, therefore a decrease in calories burned, resulting in weight gain. If the body lacks water, it can also cause a decrease in stored fluids, causing the body to seek out more calories to burn and put on more fat and weight. 

Lack of Energy

You may be more tired than usual and struggle with motivation even though you’re getting enough sleep. Dehydration can lead to headaches and make it difficult to concentrate. Your performance at the gym may suffer as well, as dehydration can reduce the body’s power output. 

A Little Disoriented

When the body is not provided with enough water to replenish itself, it can experience confusion, foggy thinking, poor concentration, and difficulty comprehending simple tasks. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day, even when it may not feel necessary. 

Dry Eyes, Mouth, and Skin

Red, dry eyes can be caused by not getting enough water because the body cannot produce enough tears to keep the eyes lubricated. A dry mouth is a symptom of dehydration and is caused when saliva production decreases. Dry skin is a sign of not drinking enough water since water helps keep skin looking youthful and healthy. 

Don’t Ignore the Symptoms of Not Drinking Enough Water

All in all, the signs that you are not drinking enough water are easily noticeable if one is paying close attention. It’s important to stay hydrated so that your body can keep functioning properly, so if any of these signs apply to you, make sure that you increase your water intake. Make it a priority to drink up and stay healthy!

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