What are the Reasons to use light travertine tile?

Bring out the Beauty of Your Home with the Elegant Light Travertine Tile. The Natural Beauty of this stone enhances the beauty of your home. It is also widely used on floors and walls to bring out the true beauty of your home. There are many options to choose from when you are looking for travertine tile for your home.

Travertine tile is most commonly used in the Living Areas bringing out the architectural style of your living. But in warmer areas, travertine tile is an ideal flooring surface, cooling and relaxing underfoot. 

You can select either White or honed travertine stones for your living space. Tumbled, honed and polished are available to give a classy look to your walls or floors. They are durable and require minimum maintenance. There are the following reasons to use travertine tiles.

It brings an alluring appearance:

Light travertine tile brings out a romantic and natural atmosphere in the room. Light-colored tiles reflect light creating a soothing effect, whereas the dark-colored tiles can create an intimate and warm ambiance. 

You can find a huge variety of travertine tile designs to match your interiors and the styling of your home. Marble, limestone and granite are the other materials that are used to design your home.

If you want to add a rustic feel to your home, then you can opt for lighter shades of light travertine. The natural stone can be honed to give a worn and weathered effect. The rustic look can be further enhanced by using different colors and finishes. Natural stone tiles can be used and other decorative items to give an eclectic look to your home.

Sizes of travertine tile:

You can use travertine stone tiles as they have a large number of tile sizes. It comes in small, medium and large tile sizes. Furthermore, small and Medium-size tiles can be installed in corners and small areas, where there is less space.

Uses of travertine tile:

You can use travertine tile on the floor and walls. These are excellent for the kitchen and bathrooms, as they make a perfect replacement for granite and marble. These natural stone pieces are elegant and come in numerous color options. However, these pieces can be honed and polished to give a shiny look. This enhances the value of the home.

Great design and styles

Light travertine slabs come in a great variety of designs, styles and colors. There is no limit to the combination and arrangement of these tiles. The small and compact tiles can be used to embellish corners, bathroom walls and floors. In addition, large pieces of travertine can be placed on walls to bring in a natural flow from the larger pieces.

Colors of travertine tile:

These tiles available in different colors but in light appearance. Light travertine tiles are available in different designs and patterns. These days you can also find them in various colors. You can select your favorite shade and find the best quality that suits your needs and budget. 

Today you can find travertine tiles that look like limestone. Limestone is a hard natural stone which is formed from clay for over a million years. Today, it is used as a building material, but it was an important status symbol back then.

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The thickness of travertine tile:

Light travertine is a form of limestone, and travertine tiles are available in different thicknesses. Some of the travertine tiles are very thin and look just like limestone. So, if you need to cover a large area of a floor, travertine tiles are a perfect choice. You can also use travertine as a backsplash or wall tile.

Easy to clean:

Another advantage of travertine stone tiles is that they are easy to clean. You can take out the dirt and grime and wipe it off with a soft dry cloth. This can keep the travertine looking new for many years, and you do not need to worry about any repairs. 

A travertine tile is ideal for use on the outside walls and ceilings, but you should ensure that the area around it is cleaned often so that the travertine does not become damaged. There are many online stores where you can buy travertine tile and arrange for it to be delivered at your place.

How to buy light travertine tile?

Before purchasing light travertine tiles, it is advisable to research the market and select the best product. Many manufacturers and distributors of this natural stone tile offer a great variety at affordable price.

 You can visit their websites, check out the details, and see the range of tiles they offer. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the right one for your home.

A travertine tile looks very natural and has a very rich texture. You will get a very good look at your home if you buy from an online floor tile store and install these stones on the outside walls or even on the floor. So, you will get a very rustic feel to your house, and you will feel that you have come back to the middle ages. Your guests will feel that you have got a simple house, and it makes you look homelier. 


This article explained reasons to use light travertine tile. It brings an alluring appearance, and it has several sizes, great design, styles, and colors and thickness of travertine. These are the main reasons to use travertine tile in interior and exterior decoration. In addition, you can buy these tiles online.