What are the pros and cons of Caribbean Medical Schools?

A career in medicine is indeed a great choice since it can offer you stability and brings along a great deal of job satisfaction. If you are reading this article, you must have decided on a medical career. So now you must know that your journey towards a medical career will start from earning a medical degree from a recognized and well-accreditated medical school. 

Opting for a top-notch medical school in the US is often the first choice of many prospective students. But students may get disappointed because entering a medical school in the US requires you to be highly competitive while also matching the stringent admission requirement. Thus, pursuing an MD program from the best Caribbean medical university has emerged out to be a great career move for prospective students.

If you are still skeptical about the island medical school, we have listed the pros and cons of Caribbean Medical University. Reading this article will help you get insights about the medical schools in the Caribbean to make a well-inform choice.


Clinical Rotations: Caribbean medical schools are known for offering excellent clinical rotations in the best hospitals of the Caribbean region as well as in the United States. During the 3rd and 4th years of the MD program, students are encouraged to go for clinical rotations in different specialties where they get the opportunity to work under the supervision of an experienced medical professional. 

Liberal Student Selection and Rolling Admission: The average MCAT(Medical College Admission Test) and GPA(Grade Point Average) for Caribbean medical universities are lower than the medical schools in the United States. These island medical schools believe that hard work and passion for medicine can make students excellent medical professionals. Moreover, they offer a rolling admission which is an added benefit.

Diversity: Caribbean Medical Schools have gained popularity across the globe for their medical education. Hence, students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds come to the Caribbean to earn a well-recognized medical degree.

English as the Medium of Instruction: The best advantage of studying at a Caribbean medical university is that they have English as the language of instruction. English is a “glocal” global+local language, reducing the language barrier for students from different parts of the globe. 


High Competition: Getting into a Caribbean medical school is easier said than done. Since they are internationally regarded as an ideal destination for medical education, prospective students from across the globe apply for the educational program. Hence, be an early bird and focus on strengthening your medical school application.

Varying Accreditation: Not all medical schools are the same. This implies to the Caribbean islands medical schools as well. There are nearly 60 medical schools distinctly different in recognition, accreditation, education quality, cost, etc. Thus, before committing to a medical school, you must do thorough research to get into the best Caribean medical school.

The medical school of the Caribbean offer high-quality education with a higher acceptance rate and lower attrition rate. Moreover, medical education costs are rising, and students are graduating in debt. The island medical schools are also good in price and offer financial assistance through scholarships and loans to ease the financial burden. Start your journey towards a dream medical career by earning a medical degree. Enroll in the best Caribbean Medical University now!