There are a variety of consequences that might affect an individual or a company. Depending on the kind of crime committed against you, you may be entitled to the following:
Digital. There will have a significant influence on the targeted digital environment, as expected. For example, you may have to entirely rework your website or, at the very least, adjust your security settings. Also, your social network account may have been compromised. In any وحدة مكافحة الجرائم الإلكترونية, we can help you out.


You may suffer from mental health issues if your personal information is stolen from beneath your feet. You’ll feel vulnerable and fearful after being the victim of a crime, just as you would in any other situation.


There’s a risk a thief has already utilised your personal information to steal money. If you don’t receive your money back right soon, you might find yourself in a sticky position. You can get our help in الجرائم الإلكترونية.


Companies that keep personal data of others are particularly vulnerable in the event of a data breach. A public release of information might make others wary of working with you in the future, even if you’re an industry leader. It’s frightening to consider the possibility of being a victim of cybercrime. However, this does not mean that you must halt your progress. Preventing, combating, and recovering are all options.

Preventing a cyber-attack on your company

Those of you who own a company understand how critical it is to protect sensitive data. However, how exactly do you go about doing that? Here are some specific hazards that a company may encounter, as well as strategies for preventing and overcoming them.

What kind of data does a cyberthreat seek?

To get access to a company’s most confidential data, cybercriminals will use a variety of fraudulent strategies. There are a variety of reasons why a competitor may decide to go after your company.

Financial information about a company’s business

A company’s financial information is one of the most popular targets for an assault since it naturally wants to keep it as secret as possible. If scammers get their hands on them, they may be able to get their hands on money. For businesses, it might have significant social or reputational ramifications if they can’t protect the information yet the data is nonetheless made public.

Financial information about the client

The sensitive data of their clients is also stored by several organizations. It’s extremely important for financial institutions, sports betting sites, and e-commerce sites. The company’s finances may suffer if this information gets out.

Personal data of customers or employees

It is possible to acquire access to personal information by using things like home addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses Most firms will have this on hand on a regular basis.

The ownership of one’s ideas

If your company has any trade secrets or proprietary designs, you may want to acquire unauthorized access to them in order to generate money.

Blackmail, whether it’s social or political

It is possible that a “hacktivist” may want to cause political disruption by attacking a business that symbolizes an opposing position to the movement.

Surveillance of rivals

If a competitor is interested in learning what you’re doing or planning, they may hire someone to undertake the research for them. While this is a drastic action, companies in trouble might be compelled to do it out of desperation or envy.