What are the Must-Have Baseball Cap Styles for Every Man?

The baseball cap is the most quintessential accessory one can have. It has been worn for ages and is a classic way to style a casual look. Donning a baseball cap helps you achieve an ageless, contemporary and stylish look with minimal effort. People have been wearing baseball caps since the 80s, and the cap is a popular accessory to date. Even though it gives a sporty look, it can also be a part of your everyday wardrobe. Here’s a quick backstory on the baseball cap’s debut into the fashion world. As the name suggests, it was once worn by baseball players in the 80s. People started wearing the same players’ caps to support their teams. The trend became famous and has gained fashionable popularity amongst all the crowds. 

A baseball cap has also been an essential part of streetwear fashion, bringing us to Urban Monkey, one of the best Streetwear brands out there. Urban Monkey has the coolest baseball caps for men and women as well. Urban Monkey has a variety of styles, colours and designs of baseball caps. But to stand out and take your look up a notch, you need to style it with a perfect baseball cap. Don’t get intimidated by this, as achieving this look is easy. We have made a list of different styles of baseball caps and how you can style them to create your look. Take a look at this guide and then go ahead and purchase your favourite baseball cap from Urban Monkey. 

  1. A snapback baseball cap

The snapback baseball cap is made by fitting six fabric pieces together to create the cap’s dome. The fabric at the front is sturdier than the back. This gives your cap a stronger structure at the front. This cap’s unique name is the back closure, which snaps open and shut for you to adjust your size. The snapback cap has a circular shape and a curved brim. Check out Slaam dunk by Urban Monkey. A vibrant blue snapback specially made for those who want to stand out in the crowd. The cap has an adjustable buckle strap, but the size is a one-size fit for everyone as it is unisex. It is made of 100% cotton and has a one-year stitching warranty. The Assault Snapback is another favourite from Urban Monkey if you want a scarlet-coloured variation. Legends should grab this cap while it’s still available, as it is constantly out of stock. Also, check out Billions //001 and its range of colours. You can also style these as hip-hop baseball caps

  1. Suede Baseball cap 

Urban Monkey has a unique assortment of suede baseball caps, giving the wearer a luxurious feel. These caps have a curved peak and an adjustable strap at the back. The Super Suede //004 is a constant bestseller on Urban Monkey. This unisex baseball cap has a stunning baby pink colour and has an iconic pineapple illustration on the front. It has a pre-curved visor and is made of polyester and spandex, making it lightweight and stretchable. 

  1. Trucker Baseball cap

Trucker baseball caps are your actual saviours during summers. Urban Monkey’s Trucker Baseball cap has a breathable mesh at the back to ensure the free flow of air. The cap is made up of moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps your sweat at bay. To ensure maximum comfort, it has an adjustable strap at the back to loosen it whenever you are sweating a little extra. Check out Trucker Monkey // 001 if you are looking for a black baseball cap. Experience the comfort for yourself, and you will thank us later.