What Are The Most Common Causes Of Water Leaks In Your Home

Water leaks cause water wastage, which translates to higher bills. Also, they can gradually damage your floors, walls, and ceilings, requiring expensive repairs. Besides these consequences, leaks also encourage mold growth, which can lead to health problems.

Sometimes, ignored small leaks eventually lead to floods in a home. In this case, you’ll have to deal with water-damaged furniture, carpets, appliances, and other household items. Such issues would require the expertise of a water damage specialist in your area. However, you must take a look at each of your prospect’s services and charges before taking your pick to identify the best company to restore your home to its former glory. 

More often than not, water leaks are avoidable. However, you need to know first the reasons for their occurrence. It’d also help to understand how to deal with these culprits. This way, you can protect your property better. That said, below are common factors that lead to water leaks in most homes and how to handle and prevent them:

1.High Water Pressure 

High water pressure is enjoyable, especially when showering. However, too much of it can cause leaks in your house. Some plumbing systems are built to withstand water pressure of up to 80 pounds per square inch (psi); however, plumbers recommend a psi of around 60. 

If your water pressure exceeds 80 psi, your pipes could develop pinholes that cause leaks. Besides, it can also damage plumbing seals, faucets, and showers. If this issue isn’t corrected fast, it can lead to severe water wastage and pipe bursts. 

If you suspect the water pressure in your home is more than the recommended average, only attempt to remedy the issue if you have the right knowledge and tools. Otherwise, find an excellent plumber to test it and adjust it if necessary.

2.Clogged Drains

A clogged drain may seem minor, but it can seriously damage your pipes. Usually, an uncleared blockage causes unnecessary pressure within pipes. This strain can ruin parts of your plumbing system, like pipe joints and seals. Eventually, you’ll experience leaks or pipe bursts. 

If there’s a clogged drain in your house, use a plumber’s snake or plunger to clear it. You can also use home remedies like vinegar and baking soda. If these measures don’t work, call a plumber to help you out.

Most home clogs result from allowing materials other than water, human waste, and toilet paper to go down the drain. These include hair, pet fur, food waste, diapers, baby wipes, and cat litter. So, it’d be best to use strainers and hair traps for your drains and have extra bins to ensure proper waste disposal.

3.Worn Out Or Broken Appliance Seals

Washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and other home appliances can cause water leaks. When contractors install these units, they put seals around water connectors and other sections, like the dishwasher door, to prevent aqua leaks. However, the seals can wear out or break over time, allowing water to seep through. In this case, you’ll experience leaks in your home. 

Plumbing systems are the known cause of water leaks in buildings. So, if you identify that your water pipes are in good condition, examine your appliances. Check for condensation on your machines to identify if a broken or worn-out seal is causing the leak. Also, see if there are puddles near them. Call an appliance repair expert if you discover any of these issues. 

An excellent technician will examine your machine and restore it efficiently. If the problem occurred because your machine was defective, they’d encourage you to contact the manufacturer or the store you bought it from. They could repair or replace the appliance free of charge if it still falls within the warranty period.  

4.Invading Tree Roots

Tree roots can also invade your water pipes by causing an obstruction, resulting in the excess water pressure inside. This can lead to pipe cracks or bursts.

In most cases, leaks caused by tree roots can first be identified outside the house. So, check your yard if you notice low water pressure in the home and if the plumbing pipes inside are in good condition. Leaking outdoor water lines cause sinkholes and wet patches in your compound. Once you’ve observed these signs, you need a professional plumber to remove the tree roots damaging your water lines.

To prevent such issues from occurring again, plant trees and other vegetation away from the pipes.

Final Thoughts 

Identifying issues that can cause leaks in your house and the right solutions to remedy such issues is a must. It’s also necessary to take measures to prevent the said concerns from occurring again. Feel free to review this piece as often as possible if you need clarification.