What Are the Hottest Trends to Watch Out For in the Wedding Industry?

Love has taken precedence in people’s lives since the pandemic, reports The New York Times, with the uptick in ceremonies reflecting the fact that people have had plenty of time to ask, “Is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?” For roughly 2.5 million couples this year, the answer to this question is “Yes.” Not only have they made a commitment to ‘the one’ but they have also had time to save and meticulously plan for their ceremonies and receptions, down to the tiniest detail. What trends will be shaping their choices in 2022 and 2023?

Outdoor Weddings Prevail

The past couple of years have seen an upsurge in outdoor events but they have also strengthened human’s bond with nature, with many turning to mountains, beaches, and other landscapes to calm frazzled nerves. Nature-centered weddings are bigger than ever among current couples, owing in no small part to their ability to provide a perfect backdrop for photography and videos. Imagine a chic ceremony under a floral arch on a white sand beach or the newly married couple posing beneath a 750-year-old sequoia tree. The Great Outdoors enables is a perfect setting for couples wishing to hold larger, safer events, with temporary structures such as marquees serving to keep guests safe in the event of rain.

Laidback Beachy Vibes 

In line with outdoor weddings are Bohemian wedding styles. Long wooden tables, vintage flower arrangements (including wild grasses and mustard flowers), and ad hoc arches made of sticks and reclaimed wood add an appealing hippy-chic vibe that makes weddings so Instagrammable. Boho vibes are also prevailing in hair and fashion, with brides often opting for loose beachy waves and vintage styles made with a classic boho material: guipure lace, made by twisting and braiding threads to create visually impactful designs.

Personalized Wedding Rings

Wedding jewelry has changed significantly over the past decade, with modern couples making bolder, more personal choices that line up with their fashion sense. Many, for instance, are choosing cushion-effect wedding bands (inspired by Chanel’s Coco Crush rings) instead of plain yellow gold wedding bands. Eternity style bands, twisted infinity rings, X-shaped and stackable rings of all types are also proving popular since they have a sartorial appeal that goes beyond the symbolism of traditional wedding jewelry. Couples are also keen to customize their rings, with many now engraving personalized illustrations and messages written in their chosen font, into the interior of their rings.

The Return of Travel

In March 2022, Travel Press announced that destination weddings and wedding-related travel were once again the order of the day, following the easing of travel restrictions. This type of wedding suits smaller, more intimate ‘micro weddings’, where couples are joined by a small but significant circle of family and friends. Destinations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and the Dominican Republic are trending. For those with an interest in cruising honeymoons or private Yacht charter Dubai, zones to watch out for include the Amalfi Coast, Croatia, and the Greek Islands. Those opting for destination weddings are also extending the time dedicated to celebrations, with many events lasting for a few days (or at least a weekend). As such, couples holding beach weddings are asking friends and family to join them for adventures such as sailing, snorkeling, or stand-up paddling in the sea. 

Unique Details for Guests

Couples who have had two years more to plan for their big day are now seeking to make their wedding as special for guests as it is for themselves. This is being achieved via unique guest experiences that range from providing personalized postcards to each guest (the card is left on the guest’s dinner plate at the reception) right through to DIY wedding favors. Just a few popular gifts that brides and grooms are choosing to make themselves include mini soaps with therapeutic grade essential oils or unique ingredients like Guinness beer and coffee, DIY mini jam jars placed in vintage jars,  nature-inspired wooden wall art, and treat favors with cute card labels stapled to the bags. The key is for the favors or presents to express the couples’ interests or to cater to the guests’ sense of style or taste. Some couples are enlisting the help of guests prior to the reception, asking them to submit a list of songs. Popular choices are then added to the wedding playlist or suggested to the wedding band.

It’s been a tough time for the wedding industry and for couples alike, with around 70% of couples planning to get married in Spring 2020 having had to postpone their big event. Thankfully, the easing of travel and other restrictions mean that couples can now forge ahead with their plans, be they big or small. Just a few trends in the industry include outdoor, Bohemian, and destination weddings. It’s all about personalization, so when it comes to jewelry, customized and unique designs are all the rage.