What Are the Different Types of Wheel Casters That Exist Today?

Are you wondering about the types of wheel casters that exist today?

If you ever need to change a wheel on your chair or make a piece of furniture movable, knowing what type of wheel casters you have available is key. If you don’t choose the correct caster for your project, you can be stuck with an item that doesn’t have the mobility you need.

Fortunately, by knowing the different types of casters you can use, you can choose the best one for your project. If you are wondering about the types of casters that exist today, this short and simple guide is for you.

Rigid Caster

One of the main types of wheel casters is a rigid caster. These casters remain in the same position and will not swivel around. They are great for ladder stands, industrial carts, and other portable items.

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Swivel Caster

Some of the best wheel casters include swivel casters. These casters are made with a swivel joint that allows them to rotate around. They are ideal for providing the best maneuverability in small or large spaces.

Locking Caster

As its name suggests, a locking caster is a type of caster that has a lock on the wheel. When the lock is on, the swivel part of the caster cannot move. They are ideal for steering and transporting an item over a long distance while still having the ability to maneuver the item once you reach your destination.

Plate Caster

A plate caster is versatile, it can come as a rigid or a swivel caster. To use these casters, you have to fix the plate to the item you want to move. They are ideal for moving heavy loads.

Kingpinless Caster

A kingpinless caster is a type of swivel caster that is designed to have a more even distribution of weight. These casters tend to last longer than a traditional swivel caster and require a larger investment up front. They are ideal for towing items or moving items at a higher speed.

Stem Caster

One of the most common types of casters is a stem caster. Much like a plate caster, this version has a step that is fastened to the item you want to move. They are ideal for furniture legs, medical equipment, and more.

Hollow Kingpin Caster

A kingpin caster is a type of swivel caster that has a stemless design. These casters are positioned against the object you want to move and fastened with a bolt or screw. They are ideal for heavy loads that sit on an incline, however, they should never be used for towing.

These Are the Types of Wheel Casters That Exist Today

There are many types of wheel casters you can use for your next project.

Depending on your needs, you can use a rigid caster or a swivel caster. You can also use a locking cater, plate caster, or kingpinless caster. Consider the stem caster and hollow kingpin caster when you are planning your next project.

These are the types of wheel casters that are available for you to use.

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