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Are you interested in learning about the types of firearms available?

Owning a gun may be something you have pondered. Guns can provide safety and protection and even as a fun hobby.

But you should be familiar with the different types of guns and ensure you only buy what you can handle. It can feel overwhelming if you’re interested in buying a gun but need to know what you want.

Here, we’ll discuss the common gun categories and types you can own. Read on to learn about the common types of guns.

Handguns: Most Popular Varieties

Handguns are among the most popular gun options, and several types are available. The three most common handguns are revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, and derringers.

Revolvers are typically the oldest type of handgun and have a cylinder that holds up to six rounds of ammunition. Semi-automatic pistols have a magazine that holds shells and use an automatic firing mechanism.

Derringers are small and usually used for concealed carry. They typically carry fewer rounds and are less powerful than other handguns.

Bulk 9mm ammo is a popular choice for all these types of guns since it is usually the most cost-effective and widely available type.

Rifles: Exploring the Different Kinds

Rifles are the most popular type of gun used for hunting and shooting competitions. Rifles can have different calibers and lengths of barrels depending on what they are used for.

Bolt-action, lever-action, semi-automatic, and burst-fire are common rifles. Bolt-action rifles are the oldest type of rifle. The user must manually move the bolt back and forth to chamber a round.  Lever-action rifles have a lever under the barrel that, when pulled, moves the bolt and lets you shoot again faster. Semi-automatic rifles use the energy from the cartridge firing to cycle the bolt and chamber the next round. This makes them a great choice for self-defense.

Burst fire rifles are another type of semi-automatic rifle that fires multiple rounds when the trigger is pulled. This makes them good for shooting at more than one target simultaneously.

Shotguns: The Many Different Styles

There are many different shotguns, such as single-barrel, lever-action, pump-action, semi-automatic, and double-barrel guns. For example, single-barrel shotguns are good for shooting clay pigeons or hunting small games.

Shotguns with lever or pump actions can be made for hunting big game or even home defense. Semi-automatic shotguns are good for shooting sporting clays and are also often used by police and the military.

Shotguns with two barrels, like the classic side-by-side or the more modern over-and-under, are strong and reliable, and they can be used for different kinds of shooting.

Machine Guns: The Workhorse of Guns

Machine guns are considered more powerful than other types of firearms. These are designed to shoot multiple rounds in succession with just one pull of the trigger.

They have a large ammo capacity and a high rate of fire. They are used by the military and law enforcement because of their ability to inflict massive damage.

Knowing the Many Types of Guns Makes A Difference

Guns can come in many shapes and sizes, from a simple revolver to a stunt machine gun from the movies. Educating yourself on the different types of guns and their uses is essential to ensure your safety when handling one.

We encourage you to learn more about guns and gun safety through reputable sources to understand them better.

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