What Are The Best Ways To Take Kratom?

Whether you are new to using Kratom or tired of chewing its leaves and looking for a more stable way of its consumption, make sure you take it most effectively. For example, smoking Kratom is ineffective and a waste of your money.

You might think we are asking you to take a measured amount of kratom powder for sale. But no, we are not. There are many ways how a person can take its regular Kratom dosage and enjoy its potent and long-lasting effects.

Wants’ to know more? Let’s move forward and unfold the magic!  

By Making Kratom Tea

Making Kratom tea with its powder or dried leaves is a convenient, quick, and traditional process as the natives of South-eastern countries have been drinking Kratom teas for thousands of years.

For this, you only have to boil the water with its leaves or powder for 20 to 30 minutes and strain the liquid with a strainer or coffee filter. And to kill the grassy taste of the Kratom, you can add sugar, honey, lemon, or maple syrup, according to your taste in tea. Moreover, when cooking, ensure you thoroughly whisk the liquid as the Kratom powder can settle down at the bottom of the saucepan, forming clumps. 

Toss And Wash Method

It is the most common and easiest way of Kratom consumption and requires no preparation. The toss and wash method works with every Kratom form, whether powder, capsules, supplements, or extracts. 

You only have to put the Kratom powder in a spoon, measure it with a kitchen scale, and drink it with water. For the pre-measured forms of Kratom, like capsules and tablets, you can directly put them in your mouth and take with drink water. 

By Taking Kratom Edibles

Kratom edibles are one of the best inventions for its users as it has not only a solution to the leafy taste of Kratom but also make its consumption exciting and joyful. 

Kratom edibles, whether in the form of homemade chocolate chip Kratom cookies or prepared by mixing the Kratom powder in cake batter, are easy to make and convenient to eat compared to other forms. Also, Kratom consumption for kids was challenging due to its leafy aroma and strong taste. However, the gummies and other forms of Kratom edibles have become a great savior. 

Protein shakes, smoothies, and milkshakes are also viable options.  

Mixing With Juices

Although this method can only work for the bulk Kratom powder and extracts, it has additional benefits that are worthy of your efforts. Yes, you read the right! 

Juices like citrus, orange, lemonade, or grapefruit juice act as Kratom potentiators. If you take your regular powder or extracts dose through this method, you will experience increased potency and long-lastingness of the effects without having the risk of adverse effects. 

Final Words

Although the most common form of Kratom consumption is a powder with the toss and wash method, you choose any option according to your convenience and tolerance to Kratom’s grassy taste. Also, ensure that you take the proper Kratom dosage according to your body weight, size, and other needs.