What are the best career options after completing the ACCA exam?

Do you wish to open up a world of accountancy and business opportunities?

Then earning the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is what you must aim for!

From pursuing a master’s degree or opting for a different academic discipline, to establishing a personal business, there’s no end to the endless possibilities that completing an ACCA preparatory course has to offer you.

Qualifying ACCA exam papers provide you with jobs to choose from too, especially if you want to be part of an international organisation or accounting firms.

We have here listed some of the most prestigious ACCA jobs that you can land if you choose to enrol for a preparatory course in London.

Management accountant

This will allow you to engage in the process associated with business costs and assessing operations, needed to prepare financial reports based on management accounting.

You may also assist senior managers in setting organisational goals.

Financial Accountant

Being part of financial accounting requires you to be proficient in documenting and interpreting transactions pertaining to business operations.

You will spend crucial hours analysing financial information by referring to balance sheets and cash flow statements.

Assistant accountant

Holding a junior accounting role as lets you work directly under the guidance of the financial controller or director.

Your most common day to day tasks will revolve around handling the organisation’s financial accounts.

Corporate treasurer

This position makes you responsible for ensuring that the company have enough capital to meet the desired goals.

You may also have to indulge in re-shaping financial policies and strategies, arranging funds for expansion purposes, and advising on investment opportunities.

Financial controller

You will be assigned as a senior executive to monitor the company’s accounting department.

This also involves maintaining documents as per the regulatory guidelines.

Forensic accountant

This involves the use of auditing, accounting and investigative skills to examine financial statements and reports.

You are likely to find employment mainly in professional service organisations.

Finance manager

You will be hired for managing a company’s financial health.

The ACCA preparatory course will make you competent in addressing different financial issues.


As an auditor, you will get to examine and authenticate the business operation records.

You can find work in large accounting firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) or Ernst & Young (EY).

Chief financial officer (CFO)

This professional role will make you accountable for overseeing the financial operations.

It may include reporting strategy and planning, management and budgeting.

Tax specialist

Professional accounting or services firms hire tax specialist is to advise clients on international law.

ACCA qualified professionals are generally known to bag high salary packages, which makes this accounting qualification such a lucrative one, to be investing your time in.

Our university in London hosts different types of preparatory course for you to confidently appear for an ACCA Examination and tread on the accountancy career path of your dreams!

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