What are the Benefits of Buying Hoodies from Urban Monkey?

An outfit that remains popular across diverse demography and audience is the hoodie-a sweatshirt with a hood. But did you know, no other urban clothing or garment contains as much symbolism as the hoodie? The word ‘hood’ is Anglo-Saxon in nature. While earlier, it was commonly known or called cowls, something which you would find Batman, The Flash, and other superheroes wearing. Its early origins begin in Greece and Rome. But so much for history lessons. The actual hoodies started originating in the cold New York warehouses in 1930. Abraham and William Fienbloom brainstormed garments in their sweater mill, which was manufacturing sports attires for colleges across the US. It would later turn out to be the sportswear brand “Champion”. They were the first to start producing the earliest clothing style of the hoodie.

What took hoodies to stardom though, was USA’s hip-hop culture. The 70s were roaring with hip-hop culture emerging from the Bronx. A union of rap music, graffiti, and b-boying took to the street, and hoodies were at the helm of it. Early graffiti pioneer Eric “Deal” Felisbret reminisced way back in an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine that “the people that wore hoodies were all people who were sort of looked up to.”

Eventually, now, hoodies are a style quotient. Hoodies are the new staple of winter wear. AND hoodies are cool. As symbolic as it has been over its 3000-year-old lineage, hoodies are now used as protection from foul weather and to keep everyone warm. While it forms part of winter wear, lighter-built hoodies can easily be worn in the summers.

Benefits of buying Urban Monkey Hoodies: 

  1. Unique Unisex Hoodies – You can buy unisex hoodies from one place. All the prints and patterns of the hoodies are crafted with detail keeping in mind the needs of both women and men. You can find some unique hoodies for women and men at Urban Monkey and pair them up to create a casual, party or winter look. 
  2. Durable and comfortable – The Urban Monkey hoodies are comfortable, versatile, and comfortable. The material of the hoodies is soft. You can wear the hoodies for a day on end, unlike other hoodie brands. Elastics near the wrist’s envelope your hand comfortably so that you don’t feel cold while out for a walk or a hike.
  3. Tie-Dye Hoodies – Our Hoodies are hand-dyed with love. You can find a whole new range of tie-dye hoodies. We have hoodies for men and women. You can choose different patterns, colours and designs as per your preferences and taste. Monkey Hoodies come in two variants: Chronic Cookie, which is dyed purple and white with tinges of peach and orange. Mystic Maya is hand-dyed with a range of colours from blue and pink to green and white. The devil’s got a new disguise. Pair it with black jeans and sneakers and be unabashedly you. 
  4. Fast delivery – Urban Monkey provides you with a fast delivery option. Once you book an order, you will receive the order as soon as possible. It might take 2 to 7 days or more depending on the location.  
  5. Easy return Policy – We believe in easy and effective customer service. Urban Monkey also provides you with the option of an easy return policy. You can easily return your product if it doesn’t fit it or you have any other issues. Our customer service will never put you down. 

This winter, make a hoodie your crime partner in everything. It will make you look stylish, smart and confident. You can style a hoodie anywhere, be it a party, office look, drinks with friends, dinner dates or a cosy movie night at home. So, what are you waiting for? Visit https://www.urbanmonkey.com/  and get your best fit right now!