What Are the Benefits of Attending Concerts?

Have you ever wondered why we feel that happiness when we listen to live music? You probably don’t know what happens to your body when you go to a concert, but you still see that it makes you feel good. That happiness caused by going to a concert has to do with music’s effects on our brain and how we feel when we share it with other people. At concerts, people come together to hear and see their favorite artists live and be part of the experience that each of these events brings to its participants.

Music is a powerful thing that connects people. People who dance and sing at musical events have a higher personal life achievement, better personal relationship, and health since participating in them benefits emotional expression. In addition, it improves and develops confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of group belonging.

After you read about all the benefits that attending concerts has on us, we are sure that you will directly search for different ticket sites where you can find various concerts and other live events. The illusion of going to a concert begins when we buy our ticket, so now, let’s go and share with you more about the advantages of the concerts and the positive effects they have.

When we listen to music, the body releases a substance called dopamine, responsible for happiness. This substance is also released before hearing the most emotional part of the song because we remember the pleasure that the previous times we listened to it gave us. Now that you know that when listening to music we like to release substances that make us happy, do you know that many other factors amplify this happiness at a concert?

Benefits of Attending Concerts

Explosion of hormones

Listening to a song on our computer or a mobile phone gives us particular well-being; therefore, listening to our favorite songs live makes us feel a lot of emotion. Therefore, a large amount of dopamine is released. In addition to secreting this hormone, another change also happens in our body. According to a study in the United Kingdom, cortisol levels drop significantly after one hour, reducing our stress.

Listening to music with other people and social connection

Social connection increases the effects that music has on us, and many studies show that happiness and satisfaction with life are higher in those who go to concerts. Attending concerts also improves body expression, confidence, and a sense of group belonging. It connects us with memories. We usually relate specific memories to the songs we hear. Listening to one of those songs with the power of a concert can take us back in time and relive emotions.

You can be yourself and feel free

You listen to music every day, but you never have the chance to go crazy, dance until you get tired, and sing out loudly. You are not comfortable doing it on the bus, and at home, maybe your neighbors will get annoyed. What better way than to go to a concert to dance, scream and end up feeling like a star?

You can meet a lot of people with common things

Believe it or not, it is ideal to meet someone who enjoys the same music as you. You have thousands of people around you, and at concerts, it is more than likely that you will be able to talk to someone who shares your musical tastes.

Disconnecting from your daily life and activities

Booking a concert ticket, attending and enjoying a concert makes us feel so alive that we escape from our own lives and immerse ourselves in the universe to which the artist takes us. That makes us wholly disconnected from mobile phones, social networks, and it is a unique moment that you are living with all your senses.

Now things are slowly getting back to normal after the world pandemic, when everything was set on pause, but new concerts are planned, and we all missed those feelings of getting together with friends the hours before the shows. The excitement to see our favorite artists, and dancing and singing until we lose our voices. Instead, the indescribable happiness that live music brings has been scientifically proven to be one of the best therapies to obtain physical and mental well-being.