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Whether you like it or not eCommerce is going to stay here a long time. Earlier, eCommerce was growing at a certain pace, many people bought products online, but many people were hesitant due to the major disadvantage of not being able to touch the product. Over the last few years, things have changed and more and more people are using eCommerce for shopping not only for major consumer products, but as basic as medicines, and groceries.  Moreover, b2b organizations are now actively using online platforms. According to a survey, eCommerce sales will cross $5 trillion across the globe in 2022 which makes it highly crucial for every business. Whether you are b2b or b2c, you need to have your presence on the eCommerce platform. However, starting your own eCommerce platform can be a hectic and difficult task along with heavy investment. That’s why eCommerce platform solutions are the best way to create your eCommerce store easily with less investment. If you are a business looking for eCommerce business solutions, this article will help you. 

A Shopify development Agency brings you a list of possible eCommerce business solutions. 

Shopify: Shopify is one of the most popular and key platforms for eCommerce business solutions. You can start with Shopify theme development, they offer a wide range of pre-designed templates with amazing features like recovery of car abandoning, tracking orders, etc. Moreover, you can use additional apps for extra features to make the eCommerce store more effective such as product recommendation apps, apps for order tracking, SEO, and more. Shopify offers a complete solution from designing visual elements for the website to a shopping cart and secure payment gateway. Shopify allows you to use upsell and cross-sell apps to improve your sales. Moreover, the user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface makes it easy for merchants and customers to navigate and use. If your b2b organization, you can use Shopify plus which has all the features you need for a b2b eCommerce platform. Shopify allows you to integrate dropshipping and social media platforms, you can easily scale your business with the Shopify e-store. 

BigCommerce: Just like Shopify theme development or big commerce allows you to create unique eCommerce platforms from pre-design templates and custom designs. You can select from their design templates according to your business need and incorporate different apps for various features. Big-commerce offers you everything you need for building eCommerce platforms such as shopping cart solutions, payment gateway, design templates, etc. Big-commerce offers trial service before charging, you can select features and packages according to the business niche. 

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is another e-commerce business solution or plugin that allows businesses to turn their WordPress sites into a complete eCommerce store with additional paid features such as streamlining the shopping cart. It’s perfect for small businesses that are looking for easy and customizable solutions. However, Woocommerce can only work effectively with basic or simple eCommerce platforms unlike Shopify theme development, woo-commerce cannot handle complex themes or plugins or products that you might want to add to a store. For beginners, it’s a good solution, but for a business that wants to scale, this is suitable. If you are planning to hire Woocommerce web developer to make sure you take care of every detail, as whenever you will install a new feature or functionality, it’s going to impact your e-commerce website. 

Prestashop: Another innovative and effective platform that you can use for your eCommerce business solutions, that allow you to create unique eCommerce stores and build a strong business. They host around 300,000 merchants across the globe. You can select from a wide range of design templates and features like SSL, payment gateways, etc. The platform is accessible free of cost, but with functions like hosting, and an SSL certificate, you have to pay. Moreover, you can use addons and other features to make your eCommerce website more effective and high-performing. Prestashop has a marketplace called Prestahero just like Shopify’s theme development marketplace where you can find suitable features, addons, or modules for your e-store. It allows you to present your eCommerce store in different currencies and languages to customers according to your business niche. 

Volusion:  One of the oldest software that offers you an all-in-one solution for your eCommerce. You can create, manage, and expand your eCommerce store on Volusion. You can create an eCommerce store with amazing design themes, security, a comprehensive order system, navigation styles, a great content editor, a flexible payment system, and more. Moreover, Volusion allows you to integrate social media platforms and other apps that include features and functionalities while social media platforms generate leads to improve sales. Apart from that, you can use SEO and analytical tools to track your website and manage all your product pages and data. Volusion allows you to optimize your platform for mobile devices 

Wix: Wix is one of the popular platforms for small businesses to create an effective eCommerce store from more than 500 store template designs. The software allows you to create a mobile-friendly and customizable website with features like analytics and built-SEO to optimize and track your website performance. The Wix software allows businesses to use various media in eCommerce platforms such as videos, scroll effects, and animations. Apart from that, you will get hosting for chat, social media platform integration, mailbox, contact management, and a secure payment gateway with three pricing plans with different levels of access to features. 

Squarespace:  Squarespace is another popular platform for businesses to create an eCommerce store with flexible tools and functionality, perfectly suitable for small businesses. Squarespace is popular among fashion designers, photographers, and freelancers due to its features like SEO, blogging, and analytics to visualize the website’s performance. Moreover, you can integrate social media platforms and other apps for features to incorporate into your eCommerce account. You can optimize your platform as per mobile and desktop search along with payment gateways. Squarespace is available in four different pricing packages according to the business requirement you can select.  

Things to consider while selecting an eCommerce business solution 

When selecting an eCommerce business solution, there are a few things that you must look at in software or host such as:

Your business requirements: According to your business idea, and business niche, you might have certain requirements. For instance, b2c has different requirements than b2b organizations. So, list down what features, and functionalities you need. It’s better if you create a must-have list separate from additional features to ensure you at least have essential features at the beginning of your eCommerce. 

Budget: Every software has different pricing, most of them offer different packages with different levels of access to features. You can create the maximum budget that you can invest in your eCommerce platform. It will help you or your web developer to shortlist platforms where you can create your eCommerce store. 

Scalability: One of the most important factors to consider when selecting eCommerce business solutions. No doubt you can begin your eCommerce journey on these platforms with basic store facilities or features, but once you see an increase in sales and customers, you might need to expand. If your software does not offer scalability, it’s going to be difficult to manage your store. Therefore, whenever you select eCommerce business solutions ensure that they have the capability to handle complex products, and themes or allow to scale business. 

Easy to set up and maintain: When selecting the hosting platforms, make sure their features and functionalities are easy to understand, using complex functions will only make it difficult for you to manage your orders and daily requirements. Ensure that your eCommerce platform is easy to set up and has a straightforward feature. The platforms must be able to offer basic features like shopping cart, payment gateway, order management, tracking, SEO, etc. If they offer cloud-based solutions, it’s even better as they are easy to maintain and provide excellent storage. 

Security: One of the most important things you need to consider is security. Every eCommerce platform is vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks of your valuable customer data and more can be extracted which makes it highly crucial to have a secure platform. Therefore, when you select an eCommerce business solution make sure they provide enough security such as SSL certificates and more. Platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, etc provide additional security with paid services, moreover you can use add-ons or apps from their marketplace to incorporate additional security to your eCommerce platform. The more secure your eCommerce platform is, the more you can safely conduct business and improve customer experience. 


These are some of the best eCommerce business solutions you can try. From Shopify theme development to Prestashop to big-commerce, all of them have some unique features to offer your business. Whether you are a b2b or b2c organization you can select these platforms according to your business niche and requirements. The above-mentioned factors will help you select the right eCommerce business solution, if you are finding it difficult, Shopify Plus developers can always help you.