What are some of the good reasons to switch to vapes?

So, you are already very well aware that cigarettes are bad for you, as is anything else that actually involves real tobacco. But, not everybody is so worried about their health as they are willing to change their ways, and I kind of get that. Heck, I am well aware that my diet is less than healthy and that my tendency to avoid exercise is extremely unhealthy, but have no intentions on changing either of these things in the near future. So, I can understand why the health problems themselves aren’t enough to motivate everyone.

You may be especially unmotivated if you tried early versions of this technology back in the early two thousand’s when it was called “the cigarettes”, back with the juice formulas were considerably different than they are now. Those things were patently awful, and the only thing they share with modern vapes is the electronic technology to vaporize the juice. The juice itself is far more pleasant, not trying quite as hard to directly be a cigarette, unless that’s specifically what you want.

So, let’s talk about the advantages to vapes aside from being far safer for human consumption. The biggest immediate benefit is the lack of secondhand smoke or smoke in general. It’s not really smoke, and that gives you the advantage of not smelling like cigarettes, not having fights or ash, not having the risks associated with something openly on fire, etc. Of course, places that prohibit open smoking probably prohibit the use of vapes too, but that doesn’t stop people from being sneaky, and I will say nothing either way about that.

Another big advantage is the extreme variety of flavors. With cigarettes, given they are burning when in use, there are very limited flavor combinations or flavors at all that can be achieved. They’ve experimented in the past with some interesting stuff, but a lot of artificial flavorings break down when exposed to that kind of direct, intense heat. With vape juice, since only has to be heated enough to evaporate, all manner of flavors can be created. There are vapes that tastes like traditional cigarettes or pipe tobacco, there are vapes it tastes like ice cream sundaes, banana pudding, chocolate, grape soda and just about anything else you can imagine. I personally am not partial on most of the fruit ones, as I get bored of the flavor within a few hours of using it. However, I can see a great many people rather enjoying them. If you don’t want something fruity or tasting like candy, you can simply get something meant flavored or tobacco flavor, I myself am rather partial to the mint ones.

If you aren’t 100% sure, you don’t have to invest in a rig with juice cartridges to start out. Most popular brands also offer disposable vapes, allowing you to experiment with flavors and brands until you find exactly the one you want, and you can even get sampler packages from some distributors.

If you aren’t motivated by your health, consider the fact that you will get a far better overall experience from switching to vapes, failed to mention a far more convenient one as well. At least a little curious? Shosha is the leading vape shop in New Zealand and the preferred vape store to shop for Vape Shed, alt vape and Vuse among others.