What Are RV Pedestals Used for?

For those who call their recreational vehicle home both seasonally and year-round, convenient access to utilities on the open road defines the nomadic lifestyle. RVing revolves around flexibility – the ability to effortlessly unplug from daily routine and immerse yourself in nature’s diverse settings while still enjoying familiar comforts. RV living relies on access to utilities while traveling between campsites. RV pedestals fill this need, serving as the connection point for other amenities at campgrounds nationwide. 

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What Exactly Do RV Pedestals Help with?

RV pedestals, which you’ll see all over campgrounds and parks that welcome RVs, serve as the connection point between utility hookups and your motorhome or trailer. These free-standing posts come in different configurations tailored for diverse setups and uses. 

At the end of the day, RV pedestals house outlets, valves, and meters to deliver 30/50-amp power, fresh water, cable/satellite TV, and sometimes even sewer evacuation points right to your recreational vehicle. Their rugged, weather-resistant construction holds up to the elements outdoors for dependable use all year long.  

Getting Power and Water on The Road

Without a doubt, one of the primary purposes of RV pedestals lies in supplying power for all the systems and appliances onboard. Whether keeping food fresh in the fridge or freezer, powering electronics and AC, enabling hot water use, or just charging devices, access to 30 or 50-amp power via an RV outlet is invaluable while traveling. 

Additionally, fresh water hookups let RVers easily refill onboard water tanks for drinking, bathing, doing dishes, and other daily needs. The utility and convenience these hookups provide can’t be overstated.

Enhancing The RV Experience

Beyond just offering straightforward access to water and electricity, some advanced RV pedestals take hookups to the next level. Sewer evacuation connections help with safe and sanitary gray water emptying. 

Cable TV hookups maintain access to entertainment options on the road. Phone line hookups even deliver reliable internet connectivity at select campgrounds for work, school, or recreation.

Essentially, a well-equipped RV pedestal makes adapting home comforts for temporary lodging anywhere – whether dry camping or staying at developed sites – and upgrades the overall recreational experience.  

Choosing The Right Fit 

With different RVs requiring distinct power and utility hookups aligned with onboard electrical systems and tank capacities, its important pedestals match an RV’s specs. Factors like voltage , freshwater connections (city water hookup sizes), number of cables, and special features must correspond. 

Reviewing your motorhome or trailer specs aids in selecting properly rated pedestals for safe, compatible use wherever the open road may lead. Reputable manufacturers equally ensure units can withstand demanding outdoor conditions to serve RVers dependably for many trips.

In The End

Whether taking short weekend getaways or living the RV lifestyle year-round, RV pedestals play an invaluable role in portably delivering utilities RVers rely on, from power and water to even cable TV and sewer evacuation. Their sturdy, weather-tough construction provides a stable connection point between vital services and recreational vehicles anywhere adventures may lead. Choosing quality, appropriately rated units ensures safe, convenient hookups for enhancing home comforts on the road.