What are piano keys made of?

Do you love to play your piano almost every day, and wondered why some of the keys are white while others are black? Are you curious and would like to know what they are made of?  These are the questions that curious musical and piano enthusiasts in Singapore normally ask, especially those who are interested to better their knowledge of the piano at both intermediate and advanced levels.

Piano keys: colors, layout, and material

Piano keys layout

 In the body of every piano, there are thousands of separate parts that work in tandem to produce different sounds. For most of the pianos, there are a total of 88 black and white keys.52 of these are the white C major keys which are longer, while 36 represent the shorter keys which are not only raised higher and set back from the white keys.

Piano keys colors

If all the colors of the piano keyboard would be made the same, it would be very hard to learn and play this musical instrument. The design of the black keys has been made to be both shorter and skinner, and the player would feel the geography of the notes. The layout of the pattern is composed of 5 black and 7 white keys. This pattern is repeated several times depending on the piano size.

The black keys are referred to as sharps and flats while the white keys are referred to as natural notes.

The white keys: what are they made of?

The white keys were mostly made of ivory, but after the ivory trade was banned, a vast amount of these keys are now made from high-quality plastic. Plastic piano keyboard keys are not only cheaper but also easy to work with. They don’t get damaged easily, unlike ivory that gets chipped easily.

Pianos that existed more than 300 years ago had their keyboard keys made from wood, but this was replaced by ivory because they offered better quality.

The black piano keys: what are they made of?

Normally, longer piano keys get played more often than the shorter keys, and because of this, they were covered by a hard material that doesn’t wear out more often. The shorter keys were not played often and were made out of dark wood like sugar pine, and basswood among others.

What are the keys made of now as opposed to the past?

Some high-quality plastic and top-grade wood are some of the materials that are used to make the piano keys. The plastic materials are easy to make, durable, and affordable. They are also considered ethical because the use of ivory for keyboard keys always endangered some wildlife species.

How to learn piano quickly

To learn the piano, you will have to start from the basics, which cover theoretical issues that pertain to this musical instrument. After this, you can now proceed on to the basic or beginner level before doing your advanced lessons. Fortunately, for Singapore residents, there are many amazing options for them to learn the piano. You can enroll with a piano studio in Singapore or choose a reliable online resource that you can use for your learning.