Packaging and storing the food may sound like an easy job, but it could be really messy sometimes. People often store bulk food for emergency, which is also a great way to save money. But sometimes the storage bags are not strong enough to hold the weight or they are not air-tight, eventually spoiling the stored food item. The best solution to this problem is the Mylar Bags.

What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags are the storage bags used to store dried and dehydrated food like grains, beans, corn, seeds etc. They turn the mundane chore of food storage into a simple job, extending the food’s shelf life. They are extremely thin, flexible and highly durable and strong enough to hold the weight of several pounds of an item. The metalized barrier protects food from moisture, light and oxygen.


Mylar bags are known for their tensile strength and isolating properties. When they are sealed tightly they isolate the product from outside, eliminating every chance of oxygen, light and moisture entering the bag making food item last longer than their usual life.

Mylar bags are the secret weapon of long-term food storage. No other food storage bag solution comes close to competing with the properties provided by Mylar.


The first step is to purchase the right Mylar bags. It is always an economical choice to buy wholesale Mylar bags from the best stores. Recognized online portals like driplocbaggies offer some creatively designed Mylar bags of supreme quality. Mylar bags com in different sizes. One should have a large and small size in their store.

Smaller size bags are perfect for storing smaller food items like spices, powdery items, salts, dehydrated meats & fruits.

For large and bulky items like wheat, rice, grains the-5-gallon size bag must be used. 5-gallons is a large volume of food but not too heavy.

Never use bags of cheap quality as they don’t stop but penetrate light and moisture, consequently, staling the food.


Before sealing the Mylar bags, do not forget to add oxygen absorber. They function exactly according their name: they absorb oxygen. The idea is to add the right amount of absorber in the bag. Once sealed, the absorber starts pulling the oxygen out of the air, keeping food fresh and in its original state for a longer period of time.

Sealing a Mylar bags:

The easiest method to use the bags correctly is to include everyday tools like a dry iron, or even a hair straightened iron. Use them to seal the top of the bag after it is filled with food.

It is recommended that the user must:

  • Not overfill the bag
  • Wipe any residue from the inside and outside carefully before sealing
  • Seal on the top of the bag
  • Check the seal in the couple of days. Bag should be visibly compressed
  • Store the sealed food in below 70 degrees. Heat is detrimental to all food storage products.


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