Looking for a way to alter your truck or Jeep? A leveling kit is relatively easy to install and gives you a few key advantages. Find out what these kits are good for, why you should consider having one and how they compare with lift kits for your vehicle.

What Leveling Kits Do

A stock vehicle has a rear end that’s slightly more raised than the front. This gives the rear suspension more room to travel, which is particularly important when you load your truck down with tools or camping gear.

Most leveling kits provide about 2 inches or less of lift. Use them to create a balanced look and add a few extra inches of room for larger front tires, or just to alter the stock look for your vehicle.

Your Kit Options

There are many different manufacturers and styles of leveling kits, so compare components carefully. Unlike lift kits, which often need new Bilstein shocks or another brand of replacement suspension components, leveling kits can be installed without other aftermarket parts.

Your leveling kit can range from 1 to 3 inches. The exact height you need depends on the make and model of truck you have. The best way to find the right kit is to shop for kits designed for your vehicle or to measure the height of your front and rear axles.

Start with your rear axle. Measure the distance from the wheel well to the top of the wheel. Take the same measurement of the front axle and subtract it from the rear axle measurement. This gives you the leveling kit height you need.

Leveling vs. Lifting Your Ride

Both lift and leveling kits are popular aftermarket options for trucks, Jeeps and other off-road warriors. How do you choose between these two types of upgrades? Consider the main reasons you want to alter your ride.

A leveling kit is typically more affordable, easy to install and subtle. It offers some style points and wheel room, but isn’t going to completely change the way your ride handles.

Lift kits can give you up to an impressive 18 inches of additional clearance. Most kits max out around 6 inches, however, because taller kits require much more significant modifications.

Benefits of a Leveling Kit

The most common reasons to choose a leveling kit are style and wheel room. While the leveled look isn’t as dramatic as a tall lift kit, it still gives your vehicle an impressive aftermarket look.

Some aftermarket wheels fit on the rear axle but don’t have enough clearance on the front axle. Instead of investing in a full lift kit, leveling your truck is more affordable and convenient. You also won’t notice the same level of steering and cornering difference with a leveling kit.

Find the Right Kit Today

Whether you’re looking for room for your new rims or another component to match your Fox shocks, consider picking up a leveling kit today. Enjoy more space around your front axle and a personalized look that turns heads on the trail and around town.