What Are Grounds For A Divorce In Texas?

Divorce is not something that most people consider when they enter into a marriage. That being said, it is still something that you may want to brush up on. Though you can get a divorce for nearly anything, it does help to know what the grounds for divorce in your state are. The right divorce attorneys at Amsberry Law can help you get your divorce settled and complete.

What are Grounds for Divorce in Texas?

The first and most obvious grounds for divorce, at least what most people think of, is adultery. This means that if you find out that your spouse is in a relationship with another person or that they have had relations with another person this is grounds for divorce. This is one of the leading causes or claims for divorce and is one of the most common reasons on a divorce declaration that people cite.

Another cause for divorce in the state of Texas is cruelty. This can be abuse, verbal or physical, treating a spouse in a manner that is not kind, or doing something that is wrong and hurtful to your spouse. This can go both ways, on the part of either spouse. This is another common reason for divorce and is something that is common in terms of people filing and claims that are made.

You can also file for felony conviction. If your spouse is convicted of a felony it is going to prison, you can easily file for divorce and file to have the marriage dissolved. The major issue with this however is that there may be some question if you knew about the felony they were convicted of and if you were involved in any way. With the help of an attorney you can get this taken care of relatively easily and you can worry less about the possibility of also being convicted.

The last legal cause for divorce in the state of Texas is abandonment. This means just what it sounds like, if your spouse abandons you or leaves the home, you can file for divorce. This may also have to do with being unequally yoked or having the burden of the marriage on one party instead of the other. This is a relatively common thing as well and it can figure into your ability to get a divorce.

Can You Get A Divorce For Anything?

When it comes to divorce, most judges are going to allow it with little issue. The biggest issue comes when one party does not want the divorce or when there are children or other dependents involved. In this case, the judge may suggest counseling, they may hold the divorce for a period of time to see if the couple can work things out, and they may suggest that you try alternatives before you go ahead with the divorce.

If you are naming one specific thin in the divorce papers, you may have to prove it in order for the divorce to go through. For instance, if you cite abuse or cruelty you may have to show evidence that this happened as this is a very serious allegation. If the judge does require proof, a lawyer can help you collect everything you need to make a case and to prove that there are grounds for the divorce.

Another issue that may stall a divorce is the settlement of assets. This can make divorce proceedings drag on for months and can make it very difficult for those involved to deal with and to figure out how to move forward. Again, an attorney is a great asset that is going to be able to help you move forward with your divorce and get things settled.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An attorney is going to be your biggest asset when it comes to filing for divorce and getting it to go through. With a divorce you want an attorney to help not only fill out the divorce decree, but also to help you argue your side of the story and to help you get a fair shake. They can help negotiate child support, child custody, alimony and even your part of the assets. They can also help you figure out how to best approach your divorce agreement.

An attorney is one of the best assets that you have when it comes to a divorce proceeding and can make a huge difference in how things play out. Though you might think that you can figure things out on your own, the help of a lawyer is invaluable and can make things go faster, they can help you get a more favorable outcome, and pnb knowledge center they can help to smooth out the process as a whole. Dealing with divorce is never easy, but with the help of an attorney it can be easier and it can be more effective overall.

Your divorce attorney is going to be working for you and they are going to be on your side. This means that they are going to put forth the effort and the determination to help you get your divorce approved and to get the terms that you want. In cases where there is a great deal of assets involved or where there is also going to be child support and custody involved, an attorney is an invaluable resource that you certainly need to ensure that everything is done right and that everything is legal as well.

An attorney is going to be on your side, they are going to fight for you, and they are going to put forth the effort for you so that you can get your divorce taken care of quickly.