What are fat burners?

Fat burners are dietary supplements that can contain both natural and artificial compounds. They aim to help people lose weight and develop a more sculpted shape. Fat burners may attempt to drive weight loss by increasing your metabolism, so you burn more calories.  They may also reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs. They might suppress your appetite so that you consume less calories. There is certainly some evidence that some ingredients found in fat burners are linked to weight loss. 

Common ingredients found in fat burners:

There are lots of different ingredients in weight-loss supplements, including herbal ingredients and other compounds. These include the popular Greens powder which is found with varied combinations of ingredients. Here are some of the more common ingredients:


Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and might well help to burn calories. Supplements can contain significantly more caffeine than coffee and tea, or other natural sources. This can lead to nervousness or even insomnia, so it is important to follow dosage advice carefully.

Green tea extract.

A lot of fat burners contain extracts derived from green tea. Green tea can help burn calories and may also reduce the amount of fat absorbed from food, but of itself, the contribution to weight loss probably isn’t significant.


Carnitine raises your metabolism and gives you an energy boost. It can be found in various types of meat and dairy products. It is produced naturally in both your liver and kidneys. The jury is still out on its weight-loss benefits and it can produce some negative effects in large doses.


Yohimbe is a plant compound derived from the bark of an evergreen tree. It can be found in many weight-loss supplements, but as yet not enough is known about it to offer definitive comments on its efficacy for weight loss.

Soluble fibre.

Certain fat burners contain lots of soluble fibre. Fibre doesn’t necessarily burn fat, but it does help to control appetite. Soluble fibre can also help to prevent your body from absorbing fats from the food you eat. Fibre-rich ingredients commonly found in supplements include beta-glucans, glucomannan, and guar gum.

Other common ingredients in fat burners.

Fat burners can contain a variety of other ingredients including capsicum, chromium, conjugated linoleic acid, forskolin, fucoxanthin, garcinia cambogia, kelp, and raspberry ketones.

Burning fat naturally.

Nutritionists are likely to suggest that fat-burning supplements are combined with foods and drinks that naturally promote weight loss. You can always take caffeine by enjoying fresh coffee or green tea, for example, but avoid adding cream and sugar. Although protein helps to control appetite, if you eat too much you will absorb more calories than you need which may result in weight gain rather than weight loss.

Everything in moderation.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee when it comes to weight loss treatments. We would like to find a quick fix, but the best approach is probably a combination of regular exercise, a healthy diet and carefully selected supplements to keep things in balance. All things in moderation…..