Cream chargers inject a highly pressurized gas into a liquid substance to make it aerated and have got its use in the dinks and food industry. Other than their use in commercial premises, they are becoming more popular in home settings, as more people are finding it easier to learn and imitate what the experts do with this amazing product in their businesses. Many amateur chefs use cream chargers and provided that they stick to reputable brands like Liss, iSI, and Mosa, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while using them, then they are easy to use and perfectly safe.

Uses of the cream chargers

These cream chargers can be used to do a vast majority of kitchen tasks at home, and here are a few of the few tasks which they are popular for.

1. Whipped cream

This is perhaps the most common application of cream chargers, and when the N2O gas that is in the chargers gets injected into a cream, it reacts with the available fats to form a variety of stabilizing agents, and this leads to the formation of a foamy texture. Because N2O is available naturally in the environment, it’s quite possible to have cram whipped manually. However, using a cream charger makes it a lot faster than when you do the whipping by hand.

2. Deserts and mousses

Any person who has tried to whip up a perfect mousse will comprehend that it isn’t a cakewalk. It’s something that requires an exact science, not just some guesswork. It’s a delicate balancing act, which demands that you make your peaks perfectly stiff and suitable for the task that is at hand… When you have a cream charger, that task is made incredibly easier.

3. Alcoholic cocktails

Foams make a wonderful addition to several cocktails. However, the process of making them manually is long and tedious. Making them manually may not also produce the right flavor and may have some unpleasant smell. However, this becomes child’s play when you have a cream charger. This makes it an important tool in a busy bar that serves cocktails.

4. Syrups, sauces, and marinades

If you like it, you can use a cream charger to infuse alcohol with the taste that you want. Remember that this method is not only restricted to booze. If you put a certain amount of it in the dispensing container and injecting them with the gas, you hasten the aped at which infusion occurs in marinades, syrups, and sauces. What took several hours or days some years back now takes minutes.

5. Carbonated drinks

Cream chargers work just like soda streams, with the only difference between them being the gas that they use. But you can substitute one gas for another and use them to create a juice of your desire.

With Cream chargers, the applications are many and can only be limited by your creativity. You can create delicious juices of various flavors. Fortunately, if you need to replace your cream chargers, reputable nang delivery in Melbourne companies are just a phone call away.