What Are Cold Air Intake Benefits— Are They Worth It?

Nowadays expert mechanics recommend car owners to install Best Cold Air Intake in vehicles to improve its performance and for enhancing its market value. Cold air intake in cars sucks cooler air into the combustion engine and provides more oxygen which means more power for the engine. Cooler air inside the combustion engine reduces its temperature and prevents overheating & improves the airflow as well.

Probably most of the great aftermarket products cost a lot of money and take a couple of weeks or months to be installed in the vehicle completely. Right? Surprisingly, it’s not true in case of a cold air intake system that is very easy to install as compared to other engine modifications as well as an affordable accessory which makes the vehicle more powerful and efficient. In this article, you will learn in detail about key benefits of this remarkable modification. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of cold air intake

A few benefits of using cold air intake in your vehicle are as follows;

1: More horsepower

The first key benefit of installing a cold air intake in a car is; it provides more horsepower. An engine’s power output is always determined by the air used during the combustion process. As explained earlier, the cold air intake brings cooler air into the combustion system that contains more oxygen in it. More oxygen means increased rate of oxygen combustion which allows more fuel to burn efficiently and improve the horsepower for the vehicle. Though a question arises that how many horsepower are added by cold air intake? Well, it actually depends upon the vehicle’s configuration. However, on average the cold air intake can add 5-12 horsepower.

2: Improved acceleration

Another important benefit of installing a cold air intake is improved acceleration. When cooler air enters the internal combustion system, you will notice a remarkable difference in speed of your vehicle. This happens because cooler air causes an increase in acceleration and makes the vehicle more responsive. So, due to the high intake of cooler air, you can easily reach your desired speed. Hence, cold air intake is a cost effective way to enhance the rate of acceleration as well as it is responsible for making the car more powerful.

3: Nice sound

Most car owners love to hear a loud rumbling sound from a vehicle’s engine and you will be delighted to learn that you can achieve that sound by installing a high quality cold air intake. Unsurprisingly, some standard air intakes are designed in such a way that they run the engine without producing any kind of sound. Unlike these intakes, cold air intakes are able to produce your desired uproaring sound. When cooler air enters the combustion system, it makes a loud and rumbling sound. Furthermore, you can combine the customised exhaust system with cold air intake to get a more noticeable uproaring sound.

4: More durable filters

All standard air intakes contain paper filters that you need to change after every 15,000 miles while the cold air intakes have more durable filters that can last for a few years easily and these filters lower the demand of buying new air filters for vehicles as you can reuse them after cleaning. Cold air intake filters need to be cleaned after every 35-40,000 miles and no doubt, it is one of the most loved benefits of cold air intake because it reduces the chances for maintenance of vehicles. Moreover, these filters are quite easy to change, you can do it yourself as well as they prevent the entry of dirt particles into the engine.

5: Improved fuel efficiency

Another key benefit of cold air intake is improved fuel economy. As you know, the internal combustion engine requires more fuel for working and an adequate amount of oxygen is needed for burning the fuel, hence more fuel is consumed in this way. Installing a good quality cold air intake provides more oxygen to the combustion engine and lowers the consumption of fuel as much as possible. As a result it improves the power of engine and fuel efficiency as well as it saves the fuel costs.

Conclusion: Is the cold air intake worth it?

Yup, absolutely, the cold air intake improves the overall performance of a vehicle by improving its speed and fuel economy.  It ensures the smooth running of your car with an uproaring engine sound. Furthermore, it adds almost 5-12 horsepower and makes the vehicle powerful and efficient. So, you must install a cold air intake in your car to enhance its value and working efficiency.