Web2 vs. Web3: Whats the Difference?

Believe it or not, the internet is going to be celebrating its 40th birthday on January 1, 2023. Although the history of the web dates back a little further than that, it didn’t get its official start until January 1, 1983.

Since then, the internet has obviously gone through quite a few changes. And those changes aren’t going to end anytime soon. We’re currently using what is called Web2, but the new internet, or Web3, is on its way.

So what is Web2? What is Web3? And what are the differences between Web2 vs. Web3?

Join us as we answer each of these questions below.

What Is Web2?

In the very beginning, there was Web1. Web1 referred to all of the static information that used to exist on the internet. It was all connected together by links that led to other static information. Personal web pages and early blogs were good examples of Web1

Web1 stuck around for about 15 to 20 years when the internet was first getting off the ground. But it was replaced by Web2 in the late 1990s.

Web2 consisted of websites that included a lot of user-generated content. Social media is one great example of Web2. People who used the internet played an active role in helping to create Web2 and turn it into what it has become today.

What Is Web3?

Web2 is still here for now, and it doesn’t appear as though it’s going to disappear anytime soon. But Web3 is also on the way, and it’s already starting to come to life.

So, what is Web3? Well, it’s also known as the semantic web, and it has been described as an extension of the cryptocurrency/blockchain craze that has swept across the nation and world in recent years. Decentralization is going to be one of the key concepts behind it with artificial intelligence and the metaverse also playing roles in it.

There are already Web3 companies starting to pop up, but Web3 hasn’t quite crept up into the mainstream and taken over yet.

What’s the Difference Between Web2 vs. Web3?

Because of the decentralization that’s expected to take place on the internet in the years to come, the biggest difference between Web2 and Web3 is going to be ownership of the information available online. With Web3, internet users are going to be able to own the content that they help to create and control while it lives online.

There are already so many people creating content online and putting it out into the world. But the thought is that they’ll be able to take ownership of this content thanks to decentralization. It’ll be a big shift from Web2.

Get Ready for Web3

As we just alluded to, Web3 is still being developed and isn’t expected to arrive for a little while. But it is on the way, which is why you should start to get a better understanding of the differences between Web2 vs. Web3.

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