Ways To Relax As A Stay At Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is one of the most underappreciated jobs in the world. It is a stressful 24 hour job with no off days, and everybody assumes you do nothing all day. Here are a few tips you can destress and relax at home so you don’t lose your senses.

Destress Using A Hot Tub When The Kids Are Asleep

We all know how quiet the house gets once the kids are asleep. Many of us use this time to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day. An even better way to destress is to get yourself a Coleman hot tub so you can enjoy the glass of wine while you’re soaking in the warm, bubbly water. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep in the hot tub, or you’ll probably drown. 

Teach Your Kids How To Be Self Sufficient

One of the most common mistakes that stay at home moms make is assume they must do everything for their kids. That may be true when they’re still in diapers, but the sooner children learn basic tasks and how to be self-sufficient, the more time you’ll have on your hands. You can even ask a child to help you with some chores, such as putting away the laundry or cleaning up their toys. Remember that well-behaved kids are less stressful, and kids that are coddled will make everything much more difficult. 

Quiet Time For The Kids Is Your Coffee Break

Many mom’s sneak in their morning coffee while they’re busy doing various tasks around the house, never stopping to savor it. Find an activity that your kids can do quietly and on their own – this can be anything from coloring to watching TV. As long as they are quietly preoccupied, you can sit down and enjoy your coffee like a normal human being. 

Give Up The Idea Of Perfection

Instagram and other social media has created an image in our minds of the perfect mom, which is often very far from the truth. Stop comparing yourself to social media moms and assuming you need to strive to be as picture perfect as they appear in their posts. The truth is, everyone has their own parenting style, and more often than not, social media moms are projecting an image of perfection that has nothing to do with their real lives. Their children are most likely ignored while they are busy setting up photos for the perfect Instagram post to get more likes.  Once you give up trying to become those picture-perfect moms on Instagram, you’ll realize that you’re actually doing the best you can with what you’ve got. You’ll come to see that those moms should strive to be more  like you, and not the opposite.

If you’re a stay at home mom, you have the most difficult and unrewarding job that anyone can think of, and deserve to be applauded for whatever effort you make. Remember that, and don’t stress too much about the details.