Ways to Make Lockdown Productive for Your Kids

The coronavirus is a danger to us all and thus, we’re all taking precautions to stay home and safe. However, that doesn’t mean that our lives or the lives of our loved ones are on hold. Schools are on lockdown and kids are spending time at home doing anything to keep themselves from being bored.

While the parents are not worrying about the virus and the impending situations in their lives because of it, they’re worried about their kids. Knowing that the little ones are spending more than enough time on the screen and doing absolutely nothing productive can be troubling.

This is why it’s essential that we take a look at the opportunities and options we have. Surely, we can’t let mental and physical development be on hold due to a virus. Furthermore, doing something productive with kids requires not just an efficient activity but something that also engages them. Needless to say, it could be simply described as productive and fun.

So, let’s take a look at fun ways we can foster our children’s learning during the COVID-19 lockdowns:

Summer Camps

Although there are restrictions in place, the UAE has achieved much with its precautionary measures. So much so that parks like Aventura are hosting summer camps for children right here in Dubai. This is perhaps the best activity to have your kids engaged this season.

Whether you think that your child is not doing enough studying or is losing interest, make things interesting by sending them to summer camp. Not only will they receive formal and essential education sessions that will cover topics like nature, the ecosystem and survival, but they’ll also engage in physical challenges. Don’t worry about them being unsupervised as the team of professional teachers and guides will be with them every step of the way.  

A summer camp will keep your kid entertained, organized and productive. This roughly translates to a healthy lifestyle which is also something covered in the summer camps.

Engage in Art

Art is one of the best teachers for almost every human being. With lessons that range from patience and endurance to honing creativity and imagination, art promises a fun time with productivity. Have your kids engage in music, painting, sketching, designing, etc. Let them explore their passions. 

Only by crossing their comfort zones and usual activities will they try something new. A lot of kids have hidden potentials and talents. However, that doesn’t mean every parent should give kids a drawing board and expect them to become the next Picasso.

Learning an instrument, to paint, sketch, draw or anything else creative can be a self-rewarding activity. Whenever a kid learns a tune or draws something clear and detailed, they feel a boost in confidence. Helping kids express themselves through art can help them tackle mentally stressful situations easily. 

Since they learn how things essentially come together and break apart, they’re able to use this reflectively. That is, they use their understanding and apply it to their daily life situations, eventually helping them organize everything. 

Apart from this, they also develop a broad perception of social and cultural values. Obviously, art exposes you to various forms of culture and makes you open to new forms of expression and opinions.

Educational Games and Skill Learning

Games attract kids, but why not some educational ones? There are tons of games that not only provide entertainment but also fill their narratives with rich educational content. Comprising knowledge about cultures around the world and their rich histories.

Another example of a good game can be chess. Time-taking thought-provoking, an immersive and analytical game that demands attention and intelligence. Seeing as how challenging it is, using reverse psychology can help you easily get your kid to try it once. 

You’ll be surprised at the interest some seemingly screen-junkie teenagers can take in these games. Even if they don’t, give something else in the list a try. Word making, jumbled words, Pictionary, Quizalize, etc. are fun games that can keep everyone engaged in a productive way.

If your kid is old enough, have them engage in skill learning. Designing software, music-making software, etc. are good viable options for kids who can’t let go of their gadgets and computers. However, depending upon the age and their interests, they might have their own preferences.

Help them understand the gig economy and their financial positions. Establish the link between using skills as a way to have all the money they want. Have them learn by way of doing. This will help them become more organized, efficient and productive.  

Before You Go

The idea behind keeping kids engaged shouldn’t be to keep them busy. It should primarily be to focus on their learning and development. This should also put their mental health on the top of your list. The goal is to inculcate the concept of exploring on their own and finding things they can engage and express themselves with.